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Día 15: Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney Investigatons

Este juego la lleva.

Al principio tuve mis dudas pero mi gusto por Ace Attorney fue mas fuerte y me pillé con una aventura tan buena como el resto de los juegos de la serie. 137 more words


Shake the witness to find more clues in The Great Ace Attorney

In today’s The Great Ace Attorney news, we take a look at new details on the game’s witness interrogation part.

But first:

Now that we know, at least to a certain extent, 221 more words


Dai Gyakuten Saiban – April Direct Screencaps

The jury system from Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney returns in a different way.

Source: NintendObserver.

At NintendObserver, the comment section is on… 53 more words

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New the Great Ace Attorney Trailer tells us how the jurist system works

Capcom is pushing more advertising and promotions for the Great Ace Attorney. Most recently, they uploaded the 5-minute video of the courtroom battle.

Here’s a video, with subs from the great folks at… 184 more words