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Do you have follow through?

Do you know what the single most productive thing you can do today is? Follow through. Yes really.

So what’s follow through? Its when you follow up, follow through and complete a task or project. 256 more words


My Religion

 A Realization of Reality

April’s A – Z Challenge


Proverbs 31-Her Husband has Confidence

Friday came and went and clearly I did not blog.  We had a full weekend around our home.  On Friday, thanks to homeschooling, my daughter and I joined Tacos4Life (read about them here: e5dEbDf1) packing Manna packages to feed the hungry.   867 more words

Living The Full Life

The Founding Conservatives

                                                                 The Founding Conservatives

Okay it is time for us to take just a small jaunt — let’s say to around Philadelphia, and of course since our readers enjoy the time, spatial, or lack of either constraints, let’s board the time machine and go back to what may be argued the beginnings of conservative America or take some time listing who were the first real conservatives and what type of life they enjoyed. 468 more words

American History

Taking on Mr. Big's bodyguard

I was driving along a very busy street in Sydney on a Saturday morning, keeping to the left lane next to the kerb. My passengers and I watched with fascination a large powerful black car overtaking other cars. 322 more words

A Personal Destiny

Miriam's Camp (a Darlene story)

Author’s Note: This story features Darlene, the young widow of “Of War and Breakfast”, as an old woman who has lived out her life, dispensing wisdom accumulated from her own experiences and dealings with many people. 3,148 more words


Food: Killing you softly with it's lure

Many people are insecure about their weight. You’ll hear them joke about it, but deep inside they are asking, “Why did I let this happen”? In many cases, the excess weight didn’t happen overnight and started many years ago and for very specific reasons. 432 more words