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Has Lee Hsien Loong been damaged in his private capacity? More importantly has he damaged Singapore as the PM?

George Carman

Goh Chok Tong

Roy Ngerng

Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong and his lawyers were in court today at the beginning of the hearing to determine what damages Roy Ngerng had to pay him (see the report from the State media… 1,601 more words

The Market

Anatomy of FIFA (1): The Behemoth on No Man's Land

International sport governing bodies like the IOC or FIFA had always symbolized the ultimate authority and integrity of the games, at least for a younger version of me. 1,117 more words


Because ... Data

Data Just Is

Data is not an answer. It is not proof. It is not direction. It is not plan. It is not a strategy. Data just is. 639 more words

Marketing Strategy

Herbie, Dick, and Bob

This is part two of my friendship series. If you enjoyed reading about Sy, I hope you’ll enjoy these three characters.

It’s now possible for me to talk about Sy Sheehan without mentioning some of the other people with whom I worked. 1,167 more words

Human Behavior

It happens like this...

One day you suddenly wake up one morning and don’t like the person in the mirror.  And you think; “What happened to me?!?”

The words “working out” and “dieting” sound tedious and can make anyone run for the hills; but “FITNESS” and “NUTRITION” are amazing contributions to a healthy wellbeing. 130 more words

Lose Weight

The Abyss of the Mind

I started writing this for Mental Health day in May, however in the depths of my doldrums, words were hard to capture.  Recently I have had some conversations with friends of mine, who are also in the midst of depressive episodes in their lives, for various reasons.  1,023 more words


Can you keep a secret?

Day: 21!!!!

Workouts: Upper Fix(Complete)/Yoga Fix/10 Minute Abs

Duration: 33 minutes

Calories Burned: 263

Average HR: 115

So today is the last day of the 21DF! 214 more words