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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

After giving your the first habit of highly successful fat loss – Writing things down.

I trust you have put this simple yet powerful tool in to action? 470 more words


Beyond capitalism and socialism: a new economic approach

by Jo Confino, The Guardian, Wednesday 22 April 2015, http://bit.ly/1bsKd6z

When mainstream think tanks start saying what progressives were saying decades ago.

A holistic approach to the economy is necessary to avoid social, environmental and economic collapse, according to a new report by the Capital Institute. 1,128 more words

Vocational Education And Training

What Are You Waiting For?!

There’s such a tendency to wait in life. We seem to suffer from this delusion that life is going to start somewhere out in front of us, when “things calm down”, but this is it. 396 more words


Gee, Your House Smells... Damaged...

I need some opinions. I have difficulties thinking for myself so I’m reaching out to my readers (Mom, I’m talking about you).

So, like many others, I love air fresheners. 939 more words


Minimum Wage Killing Profitability?

When thinking about living a full and complete life, most people are drawn to the image of what has become normal in America: flexible full-time job, benefits, options or pension, a family, travel, and becoming homeowners. 204 more words

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Tribal recognition

According to a recent news release the federal government has made movement to try and lessen the requirements for an American Indian tribe to receive federal recognition.   505 more words


My authentic self - static or evolving

I was having a conversation with my nephew’s friends on facebook which started out with ‘why people are pretenders’. I joined in the dialogue about when we live into our authentic self we don’t feel the need for the false self, the pretense and it’s freeing. 418 more words

Authentic Leadership