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7 habits of highly successful people

So an email delivering the above popped into my inbox last week and it made me snort with laughter initially.

I was successful once. Like, properly successful with a real salary, company car and a wardrobe full of suits. 527 more words


Understanding How Consumers' Brains Think

Interestingly, the part of the brain most responsible for making buying decisions isn’t the part that thinks logically. We make the majority of our decisions using what is commonly referred to as the “reptilian brain.” This part of the brain is programmed for survival. 375 more words

Kathy Dematteo

Time and Effort

At times, it can be overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating and painful, to work tirelessly for an uncertain ending. We cannot guarantee that our hard work will be rewarded with prosperity. 132 more words

JAMES TARANTO: Veni, Vidi, Benghazi

Wall Street Journal — Mrs. Clinton only wishes she had no accomplishments.

It’s a standard rap against Hillary Clinton, but is it fair? “Supporters said she knows how to get stuff done but can’t name anything she’s actually, you know, done,” writes columnist Jonah Goldberg. 66 more words



Team member anniversaries in the first quarter of 2015

30+ Years

Lawrence Busch, Rudy Luther Toyota
Phyllis Meyers,  Hudson Chrysler
Duane Beyer,  Rudy Luther Toyota… 208 more words

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As the Ground Receives the Rain

“For it is God who works in you….” (Phil. 2:13)

When we think in terms of being obedient to God and living for God, we tend to think about results.

689 more words

Common Interview Questions-Tell Me About Yourself

One of the most frequently used interview questions is the standard, “tell me about yourself.”  It can take other forms such as “walk me through your resume” or “what do I need to know about you?” but the interviewer is handing you an opportunity to tell your story.  304 more words