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Accomplished: Visit San Francisco!

Last Thursday, I took a trip to San Francisco with my father for the weekend. I hadn’t been there since I was a baby. Fun fact, we almost moved there when I was an infant—sometimes I wonder what the West Coast version of me would’ve been like. 874 more words


Two Years Ago We Bought a House

Two years ago, we bought our house. The process of turning it into what we want and need continues, a well as the slow progression of building our garden. 892 more words


Officially Done as an Undergraduate!!

I returned my textbooks to the student bookstore and worked-out at the CSUSB Rec Center today for the last time. The next time I go back to the university will be to pick up my cap and gown on Grad Day which happens in a few weeks. 691 more words

Self Reflection

What a difference a colored robe can make!??!?!

You know what this picture is? It is a non-scale victory. That’s what it is.

As simple as this sounds, I went in to my annual OBGYN physical yesterday. 233 more words

Food For Thought

I must always remind myself of this and keep pushing forward.


Is This Blog, "Warm" or "Porn" Creme?

My blogging friends will agree with me that I spend entirely too much time watching the performance of my blog and the readership data. I am not obsessed with the idea that people read my posts. 355 more words

Discussing Sex

I am a garbage picker

As it happens, each year around this time of the Great Melt, a plethora of garbage and litter become painstakingly evident along our walks, green spaces and lots. 861 more words

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