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A story told in 6 words

Passionate Love–

Distance —


Accomplishment– !


Not Every Day is a Good Day, plus Turtle Sex...

Today’s word count: 456

Today wasn’t a normal day.

I felt like it wasn’t my day when I was waking up. It was difficult. I almost went back to sleep. 554 more words

Writing And Storytelling Advice

Week 5 - Painting

Activity: Painting

Where: Cocktails n’ Canvas Painting Class

Cost: $48.59 for the class, and $13 for the glass of wine (including tip!) that I enjoyed while painting :) 699 more words

Last Year / This Year (in photos)

The time leading up to my birthday week has been a lot less stressful this year than it was last year. And I’m happy about that. 363 more words


“I was going to say!”

Like so many women–and you know what? It’s not even a woman-thing. Like so many people, it is always my desire to just drop a few pounds. 1,246 more words


Breathe Their Air

I was talking with a friend over the weekend—a unique opportunity in her son’s life led us to discuss one of the best ways for anyone to learn the secrets of success. 1,315 more words

Finally Kicking off my Summer!

So, it’s been a while, a LONG while since my last blog post and I have no excuse, but laziness. However, since my senior year of high school is quickly approaching, I want to take it upon myself to really document these next few months because man, will it be one heck of a roller coaster. 806 more words