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Why Our Best Work Happens When We Are Stuck

People close to me are dreaming big dreams. One friend desires to pursue a deeper relationship with someone he is seeing, but that person is moving away to a promising career. 455 more words

Graduation... Throwback Thursday

Seeing all of the recent grads on Facebook has me reflecting on various graduations over the years. The one I was most excited for was also the one that brought the biggest change — graduating with my PhD! 64 more words


Small Accomplishments

I graduated high school in 2005 with honors. I graduated college in 2009 with a bachelors in English, wearing my cords for Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor’s Society. 96 more words

Day 23 ... The Three Queens

Monday…25th … Didn’t have time to lament over the doom and gloom that met my gaze as I pulled the drapes this morning, I was on wake-up duty. 852 more words

Did You Know Or Even Want To?

Life and It's Emptiness

I was thinking today of the emptiness that we have all witnessed in our lives. You can have everything you need and everyone you have ever loved, in your life, even right by your side and yet sometimes feel so alone and empty. 609 more words


Society makes it easy for us to turn on each other. Somehow we feel like if someone is doing well, we aren’t. And as untrue as we may know it is, we can’t stop believing it. 235 more words


Find Yourself A Goal Buddy!

My goal buddy is my wife.  I bounce ideas off of her constantly to test their merit and get feedback.  Conversely, when she is about to begin a new endeavor, I am there for her.  118 more words