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All for good

A few years ago, the Worcester Telegram reported the story of a temporary power outage in Newport, New Hampshire caused by a man who choked on a piece of food while driving. 118 more words


On the importance of cycle helmets

My helmet saved my life. Enough said.

I was having a lovely ride in to work after a struggle with myself to get out of bed and into the saddle – wind was behind me, every push down on the pedal saw me powering along the road, I had no rush to get in, just enjoying the sensation. 812 more words

A series of firsts

First ride in an ambulance as a passenger.

First time on flashing blue lights.

First time in a head collar.

Almost first time kept in overnight. 22 more words

Chances, Accidents, Luck? 7/4/15

Hiyas fabulous people, Kim here back with another Free Style Saturday for ya! Today I really want to talk about chances, random, luck even. I’m a believer that things happen for a reason, but that you still have the ability to change them. 339 more words


Toronto boy's surviving eight-storey plunge is unusual, but no wild anomaly

A seven-year-old boy tumbled out of an eighth-storey window at a Toronto birthday party Thursday, breaking several bones but suffering no life-threatening injuries.

The boy fell about 21 metres onto a patch of wet grass. 467 more words



Recently perusing nightmarish vacation stories on another blog, it brought back memories of my own vacation from hell.
The year was 1990 and my oldest sister decided to get married.   1,150 more words


In the vein of prosaic, daily things…

I was supposed to have a job this summer. I had submitted a large number of applications to just about everywhere within a 20 mile radius of my home. 432 more words