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NH Drivers Obeying Hands Free Law

State Troopers maintained a highly visible presence throughout the State to assure safe holiday travel this past weekend. Those efforts included making 2,719 vehicle stops resulting in: 483 citations for speeding, 1,665 warnings, 332 citations for other motor vehicle violations, and 42 citations for Driving after Suspension and 22 DUI arrests. 54 more words


Top Hat, No Hat and Unhelpful Comments!

Dressage riders always look so smart in their top hats and riding in a riding hat on a hot day really isn’t enjoyable. However, being a hot day or a top dressage rider, doesn’t stop accidents from happening! 421 more words

Horsey Stuff

Drop #148: Happy Ending

An hour from the hotel she said she had left her mobile there and we had to turn back.

‘Did you check everywhere?’

‘Yes. Everywhere.’ 541 more words


Rolling Wheel, Rolling On

Unless milling about and smoking is part of their job description, some Russian laborers have perfected the art of taking breaks. I passed one such troupe recently; a half-dozen road workers honing their resting skills with pensive draws on inexpensive cigarettes while squatting in the shade and staring indifferently at the occasional car or truck that passed. 563 more words


What Are the Attorneys Fees for an Auto Accident Case?

Nearly all personal injury attorneys handle auto accident cases on, what is known as, a “contingency fee” basis.  This payment system allows the injured person to be represented by an attorney without the need to pay any fees up front.  132 more words

Sit Down for Two Seconds

This year, in the state of North Carolina, there have been eight shark attacks on the coast. Experts attribute the attacks to a number of factors, including the increase in sea turtles languidly swimming near the shores, or people lazily floating in the waters by the hundreds. 2,181 more words

Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg...Belgium

Since I last posted we have stayed in, possibly, the most beautiful area of the entire tour (and that really is saying something), had one of the longest car journeys we could stomach and we have witnessed the greatest event of the cycling calendar. 652 more words