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Double Lace of Tan and White

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

Kease Fashion Key Fob

One of the most annoying parts of my day is scrabbling around in my pockets and the bottom of my bag to locate my keys. After a mild panic invariably I discover they aren’t in either place, but under the pile of junk mail on the kitchen worktop! 246 more words


Trans Shoes.. x

An arctic bloom has descended on the UK; a wave of cold has reached out it’s icy fingers once more.  The result in some ways is quite pleasing – deep blue skies and crystal clear air making all around bright and focused (I fear I’m the exception proving the rule..) but it means the weather isn’t honest – it’s horribly deceptive with a chilly, biting wind.   85 more words


Should You Upgrade? Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S5 Reviews

You’ve heard the rumors; you know everyone thinks the Galaxy S6 is great. Despite this there is one highly disgruntled group, the one audience Samsung doesn’t appear to have considered when making the Galaxy S6: Galaxy S5 owners. 2,441 more words

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