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[SQL with R – #1] MS Access DB 연결

원래 MySQL을 설치해서 SQL 공부를 진행하려 했으나 어차피 기본적인 SQL 문법은 비슷할 것으로 예상되어서 MS Office를 설치할 때 같이 설치된 MS Access를 기본 DB로 삼아 R과 연결해서 진행해보려고 한다. 368 more words


Social Interaction Badges at WisCon 39: Part 2

WisCon is a medium-sized convention, capped at 1,000 members, focused on feminist science fiction and fantasy.  Our members come from all over the country and world.   476 more words


Interaction Badges at WisCon 39: Part 1

At WisCon this year, we introduced social interaction badges for optional use.  We used red, yellow, green, and white cards, which you can see the design of at my Flickr.   244 more words


Shakespeare meets Two-Tone at the Chickenshed

I recently went to see a brilliant, totally unique captioned performance of Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ at the Chickenshed theatre in North London.

I’ve seen quite a few different productions of Shakespeare plays over the last couple of years, but this was unlike any other I’ve seen. 802 more words

Access Movistar Router via - Page Not Available

I recently changed to a (Spanish) Movistar Fiber Optic internet connection, and as you do, tried to connect the usual way to have a poke around in the router. 136 more words