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You don’t support Marriage Equality because of world hunger?!

“I wish I could do more.”

“One person can’t change the world.”

For every person who said that, there would be a million people to change the world…by just doing the small things. 286 more words


Spoken and Unspoken

In this book I’m reading, the author has been hitting on some key points that I’ve been mulling over in my head. She talks about being a teenager and of noticing that the “beautiful girl” got the attention not only from the boys, but also from adults, etc. 344 more words

Just a Rambling Reply

Always two extremes form in
you, and coalesce as black and white,
but love and hate are on opposite ends
of an exaggerated spectrum.

I won’t deny that jealousy had a factor, 244 more words

a history of emotional intelligence- or "give yourself a damn break" - a gardenli post

You all are going to have to bare with me as I work through this latest round of confusing emotions/ transition. I expect there will be several posts with an emphasis on mental health above all.   1,078 more words



Do my family really accept me? Do they? Or am I just a front to show people oh we have a great big happy family… 70 more words

When things go South, start walking North.

You: I’m actually happy right now! Life: Wait a second!

And this is how it was for me in late January and to boot, on January 13th. 403 more words


Day 1~ 3-Day Quote Challenge

I have learned a lot about love throughout my years of dating and relationships, and there are many truths that I am still discovering along the way. 168 more words