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thoughts on self-sabotage

“Some people create their own storms then get upset when it rains”

Self-sabotaging is hard to explain, it is something that even seems silly until you understand it. 1,197 more words


Live for yourself

Living a life with anxiety and depression is not an easy task. I have been living with anxiety and depression since I was 12 years old; it seems like a lifetime doesn’t it? 354 more words

What waits for You

You see and yet you look away… you know yet you refuse… you feel yet you deny. You would close your eyes than see the truth, you run as much as you can thinking you can escape it, you choose to run blind. 312 more words

Quotes: Words From The Doctors In My Life... Part 1...

Today I received my lab results. I can’t help but wonder what my doctor means by “significant abnormalities.” I was hoping she would contact me and say something other than “I need you to come back in for re-evaluation.” This was not the case. 434 more words

Eating Disorder

Truth-telling time: I am hot mess

I get the call that I have forgotten-yet again- what I am suppose to be doing. This is me: post new-mommy brain, pre-dementia. There must be another label for this forgetfulness that I am so prone to that is more forgiving. 1,085 more words

Forever scars my blue heart

Forever scars the burning of my Heart, bule with my love.. Forever~ bluing, burning is my heart forever scarred burns the blue heart of my Love.. 239 more words



INFJ’s often feel like aliens. We are rare, misunderstood, and there are so many things in this world that we simply don’t relate to. We are idealists. 1,010 more words