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A-Force 2 review

The first issue of A-Force introduced the all-female superhero team and gave us both a giant shark attack and some great drama. After Miss America damaged the wall between Acadia and the next realm, the Thors sent her to prison. 306 more words

Comic Review

Rock Climbing at Acadia National Park

This weekend Sara, Nick, Bill, and I decided to experience some of the fantastic climbing spots that Acadia has to offer. Credit should go to Sara, the most adventurous of the bunch, whose diligent cajoling, enthusiasm, and efforts brought this trip to fruition. 395 more words


The Bee Hive trail ..one of the coolest hikes at Acadia.. although I am sure that this is a topic for serious debate!

If you can’t read the sign,  it says “Falls on this mountain have resulted in serious injury and death”..  sounds like our kind of trail!   It also says ” Dogs are Prohibited”   Well, we know of at least one family that totally missed the sign.. 372 more words


It has been a while since I’ve blogged, although I have been interning at the Olmsted Center since last summer. There have been  many projects that I’ve been involved in since then, but I thought I’d share my most recent visit to Acadia with you. 666 more words


New Frontiers and Friends!


Just yesterday I was driving around in Acadia Nat’l Park in Maine with Sasha ( @sbachier, right ), Ashley ( @ambraquet, center ) and Margie, never having been to Maine let alone the park. 806 more words