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CIU212 Blog 4

This is the fourth blog in a series relating to the final project.

What has happened since last blog?

Since last blog, the team has been collectively testing a bunch of things such as the first person arm placement for the player, and if we really want to be able to see the players’ legs (SPOILER: we don’t, too much trouble). 760 more words


CIU212 Blog 3

This is the third blog in a series relating to the final project.

What has happened since last blog?

We had our final presentation, the presentation was improved immensely and we were able to attain a green light as a result. 1,188 more words


CIU212 Blog 2

This is the second blog in a series pertaining to the final project.

Since I last blogged much has changed, as a team we have conclusively decided exactly what we want to make, which has made everyone feel more confident in our idea and gives us a solid goal to work towards. 1,132 more words


CIU212 Blog 1

So this begins the endeavour, the first blog in a series relating to The Final Project (dun dun).

I’ll start off with what I’ve personally done since the last blog, since this is the first blog I’ll discuss what’s happened from the start of the project. 745 more words


Guide to Building Blog Readership for Researchers

To build and maintain an audience on your blog is not too much hard work, but it takes commitment.

Low readership stats can be discouraging to first-time bloggers. 667 more words

Reaching Out

Why Do Academics Blog?

There is an interesting article in the journal, Studies in Higher Education, published in 2013 entitled, “Why Do Academics Blog? An Analysis of Audiences, Purposes and Challenges.” Written by Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson the abstract reads: “Academics are increasingly being urged to blog in order to expand their audiences, create networks and to learn to write in more reader friendly style. 120 more words


Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog late last year, in part, as a response to the plethora of misinformation about bicycle helmets that exists on the internet. I believe much of the problem is a statistical one in that many people either don’t understand or they misuse statistical methods and/or data. 1,262 more words