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To seem popular, just add coauthors...

Delving into the bowels of citation literature for some academic chores and, well, you know, got a bit grumpy about some things.

Long ago, when there was no Web of Science and you had to go to thick paper volumes to find citing articles, academic advancement had as a principal quantitative component the number of papers, with perhaps a multiplier for perceived quality of journal.   423 more words


Jim Manzi on social science and policy

I am currently reading Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society by Jim Manzi. I found out about the book after reading philosopher Gary Gutting’s… 339 more words


The Left and science

This is not a complete post, in the sense that it does not come to a conclusion. It’s more or less just me ruminating on some contemporary issues. 2,796 more words


Evaluating Europe — the Second Years' Brussels trip

One of the perks of my role as Dean is that I was in a position to develop and participate in our new annual trip for second year… 1,581 more words


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Although Rome will always be the beating heart of my Europe, a working trip to Brussels was illuminating and I wrote up the adventure for the Liberal Arts and Sciences blog...


Dear Reader,

In between pressing university business I have just received a call from Darren’s mum, reminding me that there hasn’t been a peep out of Darren since he went to the crypt last week to look for Shiny. 489 more words


Why I Tweet

I’ve just hit a technological milestone. This month was my 1 year Twitter anniversary, which apparently equates to about 4.3 years in internet time. I can’t believe we’re still together. 1,816 more words


BDS fails of the month

Despite the noise and publicity generated by the BDS anti-Israel and antisemitic boycott campaign, it’s important to keep in mind that in fact the boycott movement has made little to no headway in isolating Israel or damaging its economy. 3,496 more words

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