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Primary Sources: History, Ethics, and Commodities

Several aspects of the historian’s general treatment of traditional historical documents has occupied significant mental energy lately.

Items such as letters are generally not meant to be read by audiences en masse (or sold). 650 more words

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Salty's Many Widows

Janice tells me that she has been inundated with calls from around the world this morning asking to speak to my staff.

First there was Liudmila from Vladivostok asking for ‘Solushka’, then there was Isabella from Lisbon asking for ‘Selly’, then Mary from Christchurch requesting ‘my sixy Sulty’, Bibi from Cape Town calling for ‘Souty’, Freya from Rekjavik, barking ‘Sålty’, Aisling from Dún Laoghaire, muttering ‘A Shalann, mo grá’, Scarlett from Happy Valley Goose Bay, singing a ditty to ‘Salty-Bobby-Ann’, Carmen from Cancun purring ‘o mi salito’, Dolores from Lima, whispering ‘mi salgado’, Monalisa from Venice, sighing ‘mio salato’, Agatha from Alexandroupolis, murmuring ‘αλμυρό μου’, Elif from Istanbul, shouting ‘Tuzlu! 163 more words


Moving on...

Much of my writing in this blog has been a way of processing my feelings of grief from losing people close to me. However, there are many forms of grief, as I was discussing in a twitter chat today (#SaturdaySchool).  286 more words

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Academia and Social Change Part I: The Problems of Access and Academic Distancing

There’s something a little a little odd, almost absurd, about being in an academic program that ostensibly exists for the purpose of ‘social change’. At the very least, academic study is not what usually comes to mind with those words, and the link between what I’m doing reading journal articles at my computer and actual change happening in the world is a little harder to trace, a little more circuitous than other forms of social change work. 998 more words

Social Justice

Why I can never be an academic


To be an academic is to be a slave to a discipline, with all its subtle rules and underlying ideologies, and not a servant of truth in the sense that, I suppose, most people understand. 617 more words


Blog Post: Istanbul Seminar

It is has taken long enough for me to put together this blog post but here it goes:

Attending the CIEE IFDS in Istanbul was a welcomed opportunity to put myself in area completely outside my conform zone. 968 more words


Embodying Academia: On Different Bodies in Higher Education

In the medieval romance Sir Degare, a virginal princess stops on a journey through the woods to relieve herself. She becomes separated from her companions, is accosted by a fairy knight, and is raped. 1,139 more words