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Damned If You Do: (Not) Talking About Rape

This week I was lucky enough to go back to my alma mater, York, to give a paper on rape and patriarchy in Middle English texts. 1,240 more words

Gender History

Grad students today are the worst

Complaining about the latest dysfunctional generation is a familiar pastime and no one should be surprised to find similar cranky exposes leaking out of Vice. Drew Brown’s  562 more words


Helping Students Identify and Analyze Scholarly Arguments

As an assignment in most of the History classes I teach, I have students write a paper over a scholarly article or monograph. See an… 511 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

The Magic of Deadlines

Love ’em or hate ’em, deadlines play an important role in academia. As much as they sometimes scare me, I personally enjoy working to deadlines, particularly if they’re set by something or someone else (i.e. 332 more words

PhD Life

Peer-reviewing peer-review: Publons edition

On this blog and elsewhere I have discussed some of the problems with academic publishing; whether it be determining what actually counts as an academic publication or thinking about an… 397 more words


Creative Research Methods

I think as researchers we constantly have to look for new ways in which to engage with our field and our participants. I’m a huge advocate of creative research methods, and will be updating this list of articles and links. 19 more words


Research Teaser Trailer

The whole research process/paper/presentation thing is coming along quite nicely.

I submitted my paper for the award today and am only mildly freaking out.

In order to calm my nerves, I made a little teaser trailer for my presentation. 31 more words