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The Purpose of the Test

I’ve been writing about the 19 years I was married and the near two-year ordeal following my divorce in 2013 for some time now. I knew, back in November 2012, that I needed to become transparent in order to fulfill my calling and my purpose. 352 more words

My Journey Back To Independence

Safe Doesn't Count - Odd Walking Thoughts

Look how safe we are. The key turns then the lights are on.  The belt is placed around us and the child is in the back seat. 117 more words

Odd Walking Thoughts

Karma is the Wicked in This World

I have very complicated and mixed feelings when it comes to my abusers. Some were people I loved and trusted, and in the aftermath of all that happened I was left with a cluster of feelings and emotions that I have yet to sort out. 488 more words


Goodbye Sister

To my sister.

I spent the first part of my life taking care of you.  I put aside myself so that you could be safe.  I have always loved you and tried to do the best I could in our relationship.   445 more words

Random Thoughts

MAN MEETS WOMAN AND DOES IT? (mature posting)

Are you tired of all this yet? It seems that the movies today are focused on this more and more. Even some novels take you into the lurid and debauching details of lusting and animal adventuring where the worst in humans are demonstrated yet to some, it is the best part? 578 more words


The Woman with Two Faces

Here is the final, updated version of my first (ever) attempt at a short story. A heart felt thanks to Cathy for editing it for me. 837 more words


Why am I here?

Why am I here?

It is truly a great question. I don’t really know. Why am I here? Why is anyone here at all? What is the purpose to be alive? 521 more words

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