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A word from the artist

Poor old Top Dog is still out there in the garden, exposed to wind, rain and a little sunshine in between. Of course, the other Dedes feel sorry for him and in good old lovey-dovey Dede fashion would like to invite him back into the house. 238 more words



pieces don’t always fit together
in silent ways
like those of a feather
on violent days

it will be

somehow and somewhere,

my hearts will belongs to you.


Tumblr, summed up in one paragraph

From this blog, which (like most Tumblr blogs) is no longer updated:

I just wanted to let you guys know that adding an asterisk to “trans” and also to things like “trans woman” or “transphobia” is transphobic in that it’s used to exclude people who arent “trans enough” (so they cant be trans, but they’re allowed in if there’s an asterisk), and also from what i understand it is commonly used against trans women as a form of transmisogyny.

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Olga Syahputra Meninggal Dunia, Tagar #RIPFarhatAbbas Mendunia

Meninggalnya artis Olga Syahputra pada tanggal 27 Maret 2015 yang lalu masih menyisakan luka dan kesedihan bagi sahabat , keluarga, serta para fans Olga. Namu dibalik suasana duka dari para sahabat, keluarga, serta para fans Olga, Farhat Abbas yang juga mantan suami Nia Daniati justru menyindir dan bahkan terkesan menghina almarhum Olga dan para fans di akun twitter miliknya. 150 more words


Serba Salah

Assalamualaikum ,

Hai blog, lama tak jumpa~
Kali ini gue pengen nulis tentang hal yang judulnya “serba salah”, udah kayak lagu raisa ya ? serba salah ………….wkwkwk. 206 more words