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Hallo assalamu’alaikum,

rasanya lama sekali tidak menulis disini. Dan lama sekali tidak menulis yang seperti ini.

Ngedraftnya padahal banyak, tapi nggak dipublish-publish juga.

Jadi ini hari Minggu, hari ke-3 di bulan ke-5. 227 more words


Surreal Sunday #1: Comment is Weird

First off, I just want to state that these posts are more likely to be about absurdism, but there’s not a day of the week that starts with “A” and so I couldn’t alliterate the title. 167 more words


Hedgeling Wanderers!).

Fiddling like a riddled old gatekeeper
on a spoon query maintenance jag of sorts,
I turned my leg on a pivot while
anticipating the move of my well-positioned adversary. 22 more words


Absurdly Absurd

Have you ever sat somewhere in public surrounded by many people who act as though you’re not even there, completely unaware that you’re quietly snickering to yourself at the absurdity of their conversation? 19 more words



lost in the winds
not like a leaf
caught with the bends
like a shark on a reef

find a way
make the day
what did he say? 12 more words

Spending like it's going out of style

There are a few benefits that come from having a very muddled migraine brain.  One of them is that I completely forget shit all of the time, and it often works out in my favor.  238 more words


Adorable Belle, believed to be Britain’s smallest puppy, is tinier than an iPhone

Photography Lesson # 1 – Remember, placing your subject next to canned pasta is the universal method by which to illustrate the size of the subject. 16 more words