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Abstraction vs Eugene Wigner & Edward Frenkel

Thinking depends upon abstraction. Let Isaac Newton observe an apple falling from a tree. The apple and the tree are concrete objects. The observation consists of processes in Newton’s mind. 966 more words

Education In Mathematics

Where is the box, goofy?

Thinking out of the box is a nice mental quality to have, they say. Presuming it means the following. A person remains conscious of his/her presence inside the box but senses reality from the outside. 86 more words


One Moment Abstraction

One moment at a time
all the moments in an hour

Daylight moments
night-time hours.

Every and each to be
lightened. 29 more words


The Built Ways

The more the barriers we raise, the less the freedom
we experience.

Original .M.M. photo, prints available.
Please do not copy, do not use…
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