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Abstracting Away Some Details

The following figure shows the general system architecture of a rotating, ground-based, radar whose mission is to detect and track “air breathing” targets. The chain of specially designed hardware and software subsystems provides radar operators with a 360 degree, real-time, surveillance picture of all the targets that fall within the physical range and elevation coverage capabilities of the Antenna and Transmit/Receive subsystems. 209 more words


Separating Data Access Concern

In our days most of the applications that have a relational database as storage, use an ORM to access the data. The ORM (Entity Framework, Hibernate, etc.) does most of the data access implementation. 2,131 more words


Parade of Rectangles

There are more of them on the left and you know there are more on the right. We just happen to glimpse these as they file by. 115 more words



Been playing around with using the rollers from print to make work. Really like the simple clean yet textured results you get.