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I wish you were beyond the white salt fields

Where truth stands tall and rains

the wicked desert

I see how the unseen is now alive… 53 more words


Music Bingo in the office..

So, I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before…but at work, every morning at 5 to 9 all of us write a list of 6 bands that we think will be played on the radio that day. 137 more words


Insistence Fixates

One can only interact with the world through the limitation {or otherwise} of perception and whatever sense that your mind makes of it. The mind seeks to make sense more than it needs to. 467 more words


One of the most interesting developments in pop music in the digital age has been the homogenization of the world pop charts.  Because everything now is instantly downloadable or accessible via… 600 more words

Pop Music

Beauty of the Sphere

I came back to Yokohama yesterday. It was quite a nice trip.

The circle is beautiful, the sphere is beautiful… This is what a lot of mathematician might say, but why are they beautiful? 104 more words


The Phenomenology of God

It appears to us that we see the world because we are looking outwardly into it; but in truth what appears to be our seeing the world is us being seen by God. 1,390 more words