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Excel Absolute Formula

The absolute formula returns the value of the referenced

cell as a positive value whether it is positive or negative. So

take the following two formulas: =ABS (20) will display the… 8 more words


Universal and individual mind

Unheard intuition

Recently a friend told me: yesterday when I was parking my car in the street, a thought cross my mind: “please, please, don’t park here!”, followed almost instantly for the logical, rational answer from my mind: “huh? 775 more words


Within Closed Eyes

Close your eyes and notice what is real and what is not
See in this void the answers to all you sought
Only in this place can all things absolute be seen… 91 more words

Your Night Confession

I keep my mind stayed on God’s Word, therefore I enjoy absolute peace of heart and mind. My heart is established in righteousness, I have no fear of the terrors by night. 17 more words


Relative/Relativity ~ Nothing Is Absolute

In answer to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness prompt Relative/Relativity

Nothing is absolute.
This is what Lara thinks as they remove the bandages. She looks at her hands, trying not to be overwhelmed by their appearance.

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Invocation of The Name

When you invoke the name of God, when you remember him and think of him, know that you are not just entertaining an idea in the mind or an emotion in the heart. 256 more words