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Day 12: Ipod App Workout

Because I planned on going rock climbing later in the day (and because it was already past 2pm), I decided to stay in the apartment and try out my exercise app on my iPod. 334 more words


core crusher

There’s nothing better than that burning feeling you get in your stomach after you demolish an ab workout. Our core’s are such a vital part of our anatomy and are used in almost all movements we do. 97 more words


Spicin' it up

TGIF. Today was my fourth workout this week and the first time I worked my calves since the end of the Maxx Fit Contest over a week ago. 334 more words


Abs workout routineĀ 

I have only been doing this new routine for about 6 weeks now but I have noticed a major difference and am feeling more toned around the tummy area! 146 more words


Today was a good workout. One of those you feel like murdering the exercise (2 days before was cheat meal but I ate more than I should 😅). 18 more words


The Legend of Simon Gooding

The word legend is often overused in our new age world of social media.

However, once in a while you get to meet someone who has every chance of actually achieving that lofty status. 1,290 more words


I think it’s always important to establish your goals before you set out on any challenge. Not everyone wants, or can achieve the same body. I think a lot of girls want slender bodies, maybe a slightly toned stomach, thin legs, a perky bum. 137 more words