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Reverse Crunch

My new favourite exercise – the reverse crunch!!

Lay on your back with you legs up at a right angle! Lay your hands by your sides and then pull you knees to you chest. 54 more words


Shredding - Diet - Abs

Almost 2 and a half weeks in to the 3D muscle shred ! and tonight will be legs. Yesterday I got in a chest workout which was awesome. 162 more words

Not long left! 28/04/15

So I’ve not updated for a few days.

I’ve started a new training routine, Wendler 531. I used this last year with good results.
I’ve upped my calories to 2400 per day, around 300g carbs, 180g protein and 55g fat. 81 more words

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Balls


✦ Description ✦

Do you like Peanut Butter? Do you like Chocolate? How about some Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Crack Balls then? Uh huh! Here’s how to get your fix with 6 ingredients and a tablespoon… 111 more words


Why you should not trust Tracey to know your audience

Tracey is a communications professional and also a married mum with two kids under ten. So naturally, when the organisation she works for wanted to create a campaign targeting parents with young children, they used her to test their campaign strategy. 496 more words

Public Relations

Madonna Wants Smokin' Hot Young Male Model - Just Might Get Him.

Madonna is a goddess, we all know this. Well, apparently all she has to do to get any man she wants is post a pic of him on her instagram with some heart emojis. 126 more words


The coaches of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous get a lot of questions about how you can shrink your waistline. Here are a couple of tips for everyone that will help you get that snatched waist hunty!!! 600 more words