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Where to? - May 23

Maybe the worst thing I could have done before leaving TCNJ was to read On The Road. Suddenly, thanks to Jack Kerouac I’m expecting so much from my travel across the country. 333 more words


Gringa Goes Global

About a year ago I applied to teach English through the Chilean English Opens Doors Program. Unfortunately the program was already full – but it didn’t stop me from applying to the waitlist and researching Chile and the regions of South America with a fervor – devouring articles, photos, travel blogs, and yerba mate all in one fatal gulp. 596 more words


This morning I woke up to a blustery, rainy day for my last day in Oslo and also my last long-ish run before I #raceStockholm (8 days!). 495 more words


Pressure Points

A week ago I tried acupuncture for the first time. It had been something I was always interested in – something always featured in movies and television shows as equal parts terrifying and tranquil. 354 more words


London: From Bayswater to Brixton

My stay in London was coming to an end. After a week in England (with a stop during the middle of the trip for two days and two nights in the northern city of Leeds, which definitely deserves another full article), the moment to leave my favorite city had come in a flash, and it was inevitable to feel a mild sense of sadness and above all, loss; it is a feeling that every traveler can understand. 504 more words


Stumbling block

If I hadn’t said it outright in this blog before, let me just say that I am a Christian. Not surprising coming from a 20-something American woman from a southern state. 831 more words