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Porangahau Hat

The journey to the inaugural Porangahau Hat began the day before in Boracay at 4:30 A.M. It would take a trike, a boat, a twin prop plane, a twin jet plane, an overnight flight, and one more twin jet plane to arrive in Wellington. 786 more words



Under three weeks so everything is finally getting real. I’m actually going back to Aussie like I’ve wanted to ever since I left. Stressed, anxious, pumped and a million other words could be used to describe my emotions. 455 more words


Taking a Ride on the Vegetable Oil Bus

Another week down, I think this is week six? I’m starting to lose count. Anyways, another week means another blog from yours truly, and since I so horribly was late with the last post, I’m making sure that this goes up on Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning Brighton time). 841 more words

Poached Eggs

“Ben,” my boss Wayne said, “tomorrow I’m taking you out for breakfast.”

In my mind, I raised a fist in triumph; I was cool enough for the chief to take me out to breakfast. 1,131 more words

Find a faith in days I've wasted

Time has flown by so much, I think I might have almost missed this blog-boat completely.

I’d like to quickly apologise for the irrelevance of very historic events from the past three months, however I’m hoping that my recent absence could only demonstrate my acclimatisation to… 564 more words

Borough Market

So, I apologize for not posting more!! Fortunately, spring break is in three more days!

Here is a picture of where I am going.. guess where it is!! 253 more words


The rumors (if you’ve heard anything at all) about Barcelona have absolutely lived up to be true.

This city has the best nightlife I have ever experienced in my life. 645 more words