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I Saw a Bunny!

Yes, I know that I’m a day late, and yes, I know I didn’t do much at all this week, and yes, as expected, this blog will be super boring, but in other news, I’m on a small break. 440 more words

Finally feels like a campus

Since starting college, I encountered the fact that Japan runs on a different system of semesters than the U.S. Conveniently though, Nanzan has a program that works with American college systems. 209 more words

Japan Life

Global Drinking Etiquette Per Country!

Don’t make these mistakes if you’re ever drinking abroad! Thrillist put together a guide to global drinking etiquette to follow no matter what country you’re in! 120 more words


South African observations

There are a lot of homeless people, and they walk around with cards saying they’re stayin in a shelter. They begging each sentence with “I’m not a bad guy, but my child is hungry”. 321 more words

Learning from nature: the trusting transition from season to season

Eternal Sunshine of the Spokane Mind

Mary Zakheim

Learning from nature: the trusting transition from season to season

On Saturday morning, I planned to go to yoga with my high school friends who were in town for their university’s spring break. 714 more words


The Cape & Good Hope

Two weeks in cape town and I’m in love. There are not many cities where you can climb 3 mountains in one direction and visit 4 beaches in the opposite direction. 313 more words