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I'm Pregnant!

Gods promises come true at impossible times. Your circumstances do not determine God’s plans.

Abraham’s circumstance  said “No way. It is impossible to have a live, active seed at 100 years old.” Sarah’s womb is dried up, no way can children at 90. 189 more words

Dear sons of Abraham,


(Isaac, this is also for you)

I long to convey to you the burden upon my heart. Darkness has been fed to your heart as meat to a lion. 1,988 more words


Have you been to the wilderness yet?

It is probable that the day you gave your life to Christ someone had told you “if you give your life to Christ He will take away all your troubles and you will be happy for ever after.” 292 more words


What is your Isaac?

In my previous posts I have been talking about laying your Isaac on the altar. I have talked about the importance of surrendering it all to God so that God can reveal Himself through you. 733 more words


Genesis 17: Welcome Abraham and Sarah

So circumcision huh? I actually have to address the subject of circumcision. I comes as a surprise to me that it is such a controversy with so many websites dedicated to it. 1,430 more words


Athanasius of Alexandria: Let us then sing unto the Lord a song of victory

The patriarch was tried, through Isaac.

However it was not Isaac who was sacrificed (Gen. 22), but He who was pointed out in Isaiah:

‘He shall be led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers he shall be speechless’ (Is. 393 more words


An odd connection between two verses

In the book of Genesis, there is a word found in two verses that gives them an odd connection. When you look at the verses in their English translation you don’t immediately see this strange relationship. 372 more words