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❤️ Breath, Relax, Smile, Be

Breath rather than try.

Relax rather than offer effort.

Smile rather than struggle.

Be rather than do.

– Abraham Hicks


All is well in my world, right...?

Is willing to accept that she creates her own reality except for some of the parts where she can’t help but wonder what the hell she was thinking. 1,072 more words

Adults are Just Obsolete Children

The loveliest thing about children is that they haven’t yet been programmed to keep their imaginations in check. When her Snow White barbie doll died from drowning in a slime pit, my three-year old daughter conducted a burial with a prayer that included a list of species I’ve never even heard of. 234 more words

Metaphysical Articles

What's the Point of Fantasy?

I had the chance to travel up to visit Piers Anthony, the legendary creator of Xanth, at his home in Florida. The trip itself was as fantastical as one of his Xanth novels (and his fans will know how Florida-esque his settings are!). 597 more words

Ascension Denied: A Novel

E.A.A WILSON INTERVIEW: Epicstream meets author of novel deemed "too controversial"

Originally published on Epicstream May 26 2015.

What would an Egyptian goatherd have thought watching the great Exodus led by Moses? What if you were to be sacrificed in the morning, and were looking forward to it?  1,552 more words