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I have had a lot of surgery on my face over the past two years; most recently only weeks ago. While I have been healing these past few weeks I have spent some time taking photographs and writing a little. 29 more words

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Artists - Don't Be Shy, Add Some Colour!


Is that it??

When I write new music articles I avoid making them as long as War & Peace , and instead I leave the music to do most of the talking, both here and in my… 471 more words


Hundreds Are Dying in a Blistering Heat Wave Sweeping Across India

An intense heat wave that has driven daytime temperatures as high as 118°F (48°C) in parts of India has claimed over 400 lives.

The toll is the highest in the southeastern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, according to the… 150 more words

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In my state more than hundred lives lost to heat wave and in my city the Mercury is going up an up, it is unbearably hot...😡🌞

The Grumpy Tourguide

The Grumpy Tourguide is a twenty-something something-something just finishing up her Masters in English lit at Oxford and wondering what to do next. She’s interested in good food, book smell, dogs and other animals, and getting pissed at dumb tourists going to Starbucks in Paris.


Me mysElf the mellennial.

Millennials the me generation. A generation demographers, historians, philosophises and anthropologists all agree starts in the early 80’s and weens out toward the early 2000’s. We are a generation synonymous with selfishness and self indulgence according to our critics.   636 more words



unless you fell on the treadmill, nobody wants to hear about your workout. monday quote