Writers Everywhere...Camila This Is For You.

I’m pretty sure I read something similar to this list before on Camila’s blog, but I can’t recall where. She’ll find it if it bugs her enough. 1,174 more words


The Turning & The Burning:

Barrel racing has always been a passion of mine. The wind ripping through your hair, the sideways motion of the horses body during turn, the red dirt plying, and clock ticking by the sixteen seconds. 193 more words

The South

My Struggle with Gender

No media Monday this week, in part because I really wanted to write about gender today. Also because I just wanted a break from media Monday posts. 717 more words

About The Author

Hello Internet!

Hello Everyone!

I know not many people will see this, but I just wanted to give an idea of who I am and what I’m planning on posting to this blog once I get started. 207 more words

About The Author

About the Author

Hello everyone!

My name is Dakota and this is my blog!

I’m making this blog with the main goals of getting my name out as a fashion designer, being more comfortable with sharing my work, and having fun doing it. 80 more words

About The Author

What lessons can people learn from being in a war?

The recent documentary The November War asks the question, “Do you believe a warrior ever truly comes back from war, or will a part of him always remain there?” This question is asked by the documentary maker, himself a veteran of the Second Battle of Fallujah, to fellow members of his platoon ten years after their experiences in the battle that changed the direction of that war. 927 more words