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Thoughts on Facial Hair: The Third Chapter

As recent tradition has dictated, I grew a beard this winter that got pretty long. Partially out of laziness and partially out of fascination over how long my beard can grow, I let it continue to the point that I began to look like an 1800s gold prospector. 709 more words

Blabbing About My Life

Kata-kata TS

halooo~ pembaca! perkenalkan gue nanda, mahasiswa STMIK AMIKOM dengan hasil IPK 2.8, dan itu suatu pencapaian terbesar dalam hidup gue, kenapa? karena sebelumnya gw dapet nilai bagus terus (gue keterima SNMPTN UGM tapi gw tolak karena pertanian, ga pas) oleh karena itu meskipun nilai gue jelek, gw akan selalu tetap berbagi ke siapapun tentang ilmu gue, karena prinsip kuliah gue “IPK cuma nilai! 29 more words


CEMETERY WOMAN - A brief introduction

As a young girl I grew up practicing many rituals, from going to church on Ash Wednesday with my Mother and buying an elote decorated with cheese, mayonnaise, hot sauce, and butter as we headed out to our car after mass, wearing black crosses on our foreheads. 435 more words


Why, Hello There...

As part of WordPress’s Blogging 101 challenge, we have to write a post about who we are and why we’re here. Ok, so Day 1 was 2 days ago, but here goes… 251 more words


I'm a sweetheart...No really!


The Sweethearts are a group of young women who promote the Swampdogs Baseball team. We help run game day operations by going out into the community and bringing awareness to the team. 245 more words


Icebreaker #3 | What's your favorite movie? Why?

This is the third installment of my Icebreaker series. We’re really getting to know each other now, aren’t we? (For further reading, feel free to brush up on the rest of the posts on this blog. 166 more words

About Me

Since I've Been Gone

Hello kittens. I know I said I wouldn’t disappear on you again, and yet here we are. Not for lack of trying–my drafts folder is an absolute mess–but obviously we strive for excellence here at grayseagirl dot wordpress dot com and I don’t want to disappoint. 470 more words

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