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Boys, Boys, Boys

Oh my boys blow my mind! They are so confusing and I can not seem to figure them out. After a long relationship you need time to yourself before you start dating again. 294 more words


My Life isn't a State Machine

At least I don’t want it to be one. We don’t like anything mundane or mechanical about our life, it gets so dull and dreary. However, when I think of it, my life seems to have a disquieting similarity to a state machine – where an event and my current state defines my next state. 172 more words

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Enjoy Feudalism 3

This is an amazing game, named as Feudalism 3, which is designed and created by Arcade town. It is created keeping the teens in mind, but due to many interesting features, this game is also liked by adults and older people. 71 more words

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Three modes in chaos faction walkthrough

Let me explain something about chaos faction walkthrough. In this series, more than 2 modes have been used, such as campaign, survival, and Deathmatch. While you are in the first mode, you have to fight against the boss in every arena. 103 more words

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Being a newcomer

Hi, I’m a mobile developer with 2 years experience. I’m not good in writing paragraph of texts by introducing myself without getting bored and dreadful so let’s starts this off with questions. 333 more words


Jump and Flip with Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympic 2 is the second version of the first one. You need to show your tricks and movement in this game. If you think you are tricky and steady then you should not miss this game. 116 more words

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It’s saturday which means its baking day! So last week I said I wanted to make macaroon so this week I gave it a go. 343 more words