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Things that DON'T bother me

I talk a lot about things that bother me, but rarely do I ever cover what doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I might slip it into conversations and other things on this blog, but I feel like I haven’t given it the attention it deserves. 1,044 more words


A little about me

So I’m a 24 year old wife and soon to be mum. I graduated from Virginia Intermont College in 2014. The school has now been shut down which is still bittersweet to me. 311 more words

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My God Answers!

It is now nearer to the June school holidays.

I brought Lollipop for our weekly bible-study session this week. It was the last session we would attend until it resumes in July. 182 more words

Some Thoughts...

One Day

One day I will be free

I will grow a magnificent garden and be as free as the eagle

as grounded as the rooted tree… 6 more words

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It's Just Sex.

Sex is just sex. There is no sharing of souls or love involved. It’s just a mashing of naked body parts coming together to feel a crazy rush of blood to those organs. 187 more words

About Me

Why the hell did I start a blog?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

It was late one Tuesday night, while rugged up and without sleep I lay. I thought to myself, “surely there is something I could fill these sleepless hours with?” For I would usually practice guitar, but in these dark and eerie hours I had no intention of waking my slumbering household. 59 more words

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