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ARRRRGH Mateys Abort Your Babies

Today I saw a post from a “friend” from high school that kinda hurt my feelings. I know, toughen up cupcake, get over it. I am mostly over it. 1,866 more words

When does human life begin?

The question of when life begins is important to the abortion debate because it determines whether or not the unborn should be protected by law. The pro-life and pro-choice camps disagree on the answer to this question; however, only the pro-life belief of the beginning of life is supported by scientific evidence. 909 more words

"Jane Does" show opposition to abortion bill for minors

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of women dressed in hospital gowns made unscheduled visits to several Texas lawmakers at the Capitol on Friday. The group identified themselves as “Janes” to represent pregnant “Jane Doe” minors. 203 more words


Horizon Health CEO says network won't provide abortion services 'on the cheap'

WATCH: Published emails have shown the reason Moncton was chosen to be the only English speaking location for abortion services came down to cost. Laura Brown reports. 354 more words


"Sign Over Your Rights!"

Well, it’s been about six weeks now since my sister had her sprog. Now halfway thru her maternity leave, I think reality has finally set in for her that this ain’t as glamorous as she thought it was going to be. 466 more words