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Citizens protest against Tarrabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion”

A non-legislative initiative report that even prior to its adoption causes more than 60.000 citizens to write a protest e-mail is certainly a remarkable, albeit negative, achievement for the European Parliament. 402 more words

European Parliament

A Story of Sex, Betrayal, and Murder

Imagine that you are a female gelada monkey, living in a large group of females under the protection of one alpha male. On one particular lackluster day in between your usual routine of naps, walks, grooming sessions, and meals of grass and grubs, an unfamiliar male arrives. 666 more words

What I learned from pulling calves.

if I lived in a

gentler world, instead of here

I’d hug everyone

I had a revelation that I wanted to share it with you. I was taught to fight for life at an early age. 1,232 more words


Stuck between worlds...

So I saw my therapist today, and as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, told her I was feeling suicidal even though I’m not actually suicidal, if that makes sense. 1,274 more words


On Debate and Faith

My recent posts garnered more feedback than any I have written thus far. I expected that, I wrote on Feminism it is the majority opinion and a sensitive subject for many, and saying anything against it is guaranteed to cause some pushback. 743 more words


"Personal Exemptions" Widen Reach of Abortion Bills

“We are now seeing the direct consequences of the 2014 elections. With a Republican in the Speaker’s seat in our House of Representatives, New Mexicans must now face these regressive policies. 887 more words


How to Forgive Yourself for Your Abortion

When I was sixteen, I was taken by a “family friend” to have an abortion. It is one thing I deeply regretted for years. Even after salvation, I had that hole in my being of loss. 455 more words