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Why you can’t be a real progressive if you’re “pro-choice”

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-abortion (however you want to frame it), the promotion of abortion is not consistent with progressive values. In this short post, I critique some core progressive values (in black italics below) as articulated by… 393 more words

Hope of Life...Even on the Big Screen

I recently watched “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and was particular touched by how gingerly Scarlett Johansson played the scene between Romanov and Banner discussing their future via her past.  554 more words

People still can't believe PEPSI puts dead children in soft drinks

“PepsiCo Accused of Using Aborted Fetal Cells in Drinks

A San Diego biotech company has been accused of using stem cells from aborted fetuses to find new ways to enhance the flavor of food. 284 more words


HB 3994 in the Senate on Monday, May 25th

A disappointing, but not surprising, conclusion to debate in the Texas Senate today: HB 3994 passed on its second reading. It has a few more steps to take before it goes to the governor, but it will most likely get there, and if so, be signed into law. 318 more words


Interesting Twist on Abortion: Sophia Vergara & Nick Loeb's Frozen Embryos

I don’t know if any of you have been following this case, but they were married and went through a divorce.  He wants to use their frozen embryos with a surrogate, and she wants them to stay frozen. 206 more words


LifeSiteNews Shared The Story

I found out while away that lifesitenews.com shared the story about how I found out that I was conceived in rape and saved from an illegal abortion.

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