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Abortion Activists Terrorize Children at Pro-Life Rally

It takes a lot to make the pro-abortion movement in America look measured and well reasoned in comparison. Read the rest


The Unborn - Clump of cells or a living human being?

When did it start that having an abortion was a blessing, and having multiple kids was a curse? When did it begin that unborn children are deemed non-living? 265 more words


Abortion - #34

Time for a Rant on this subject again since it seems like according to the Huffington Port that the new GOP congress passed a law that would have abortions not covered by Medicaid, or get insurance that includes abortion coverage. 944 more words


An Assault Upon God

 A Battle of Cosmic Proportions

The Christian views abortion as an expression of human wickedness and an act of rebellion against God.  Not only does it transgress God’s law (“Thou shalt not murder”); abortion is an act designed to assault God by destroying the pinnacle of His creation, the creation made in His image–man.  148 more words



This weekend there was a very horrific accident that occurred in Texas. A man and his girlfriend were out late one night and decided to go for a swim in the boat harbor. 357 more words


Abortion - #7

Keep your damn hands off someone else’s body is what I say!!  So yea, I guess that puts me right in the middle of the women’s right to choose category. 543 more words