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The Abnormal Manifesto


You can take ‘normal’ and shove it!

Have you ever been told,” Darling, you’re such a normal lover.”? Or “your daughter (or son) is so normal in class, she doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary at all.”? 727 more words


What is normal?

Many times the word ‘normal’ is used as something to strive for, but what is normal?
This is the Oxford dictionary definition:

Conforming to a standard; … 73 more words

Firestone Walker gets "Abnormal"

Firestone Walker Gets Abnormal
Rancho Bernardo, San Diego County, CA
By. Gonzalo J. Quintero, Ed.D.

Starting tonight at 5PM (Monday April 20th, 2015) The Cork and Craft and Abnormal Beer Company will feature Firestone Walker for an 8 course dinner paired with a “carefully selected beer from either Abnormal Beer Co or Firestone.” 346 more words


What is normal? Synonyms for normal are regular – standard – ordinary – common – usual. If you are like most, these are far from what life really is. 404 more words



Clock chimes, it’s midnight

Dark street, no headlights

Hushed tones, burning eyes

Pack up, run away, it’s time to hide

This place is faded, frozen up in ice… 377 more words


The Day of Incessant Internal Conflict

You’ve done more with less. Come on. Wake up. Waaaaaake up. Let’s go. You were the one who bought a lunchable instead of melatonin supplements. Your fault that sleep is such a problem these days. 447 more words


The Inner Thoughts And Feelings of a Leftie...

Let me just clarify before I start, I know the world has progressed over the past 50 or so years into being more integrative and accepting of the ‘curse of the leftie’, however there are still times when I swear we are still living in the medieval times, especially around this topic!! 1,279 more words