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More G****mn Secrets Are Revealed: Allegiant Chapters 24 and 25

Today we’re halfway through the book! Remember that group of characters who called themselves Allegiants and served as this book’s namesake? I don’t.

Chapter 24: Tris… 2,045 more words


Back to the Backstory: Allegiant Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Tris

Tris finishes reading the entries in her mom’s file, which as we discovered yesterday, is actually fairly interesting so far. Quite possibly because it doesn’t have any of the series’ melodrama or- 1,204 more words


What's the Deal With Airplane Exposition? Allegiant Chapter 19

[Ariel says: The best part of my week was finding out that Matt had already written this chapter, which meant I only have to write about… 1,188 more words


Thoughts on Divergence: taking a road less traveled (part 1)

I went to the movies a couple of nights ago. It was my first since “Interstellar” (which was a good one, by the way). I missed some great ones over the last 6 months or so. 978 more words

In Which Tris Continues To Be Special: Allegiant Chapter 17

Allegiant Chapter 17: Tris

After Tobias’s nighttime adventures in the last chapter, Tris wakes up as some of the Bureau employees are finishing their night shift, and has an adventure of her own to, like most things in… 1,236 more words


Insurgent, a LitFlix

David and I got to go see Insurgent recently and it was interesting. It has been a while since I finished reading the book, but I remembered a lot of the important points and often watching the story played out in a movie will bring back those memories. 714 more words


Personality Spectra

Throughout this blog I have often touched upon my pet theory of personality spectra. The theory that peoples personalities and opinions exist on a multitude of various spectra. 523 more words