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Another Plot Twist That Doesn't Make Sense: Insurgent Chapters 45-47

Guys! Guys! We’re fucking done with Insurgent today! I mean, we still have Allegiant, but we can still feel like we’ve accomplished something now. Let’s reflect back on… 2,770 more words


The Ballad of Fernando, Minor Character: Insurgent Chapters 41 and 42

Chapter 41

Tris’s plan to actively work against her friends’ plan to overthrow Erudite begins in earnest, as Tris and the others reach the city and hear gunfire. 1,238 more words


Tris Has Another Awful Plan: Insurgent Chapters 38 and 39

Last chance to vote in the poll! It determines what we’re reading starting, you know, Monday, so I kinda need to get on that soon. 1,683 more words


My 2014 Movies: Divergent (#16)

It’s been three years since the Harry Potter and Twilight movie series, two of the most profitable film franchises of all-time, ended. Ever since then, the search was on to find the next big movie franchise based on a book. 798 more words


Tris Isn't Dead Yet: Insurgent Chapter 36

So you guys heard about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot? I’m like one of four people in the world who doesn’t like Ghostbusters, so that was pretty much the only thing that could have piqued my interest. 1,265 more words



Author: Veronica Roth

Beatrice is just an average 16-year-old Abnegation girl— selfless, kind, quick to forget herself. Or so everyone thinks. Beatrice knows, that in her heart, she doesn’t… 450 more words

Nothing Is Explained Again: Insurgent Chapter 33

So I’m embarrassingly new to this whole “podcast” thing, but I just discovered they’re a thing and that I like them. So I’m gonna recommend that if anyone has a spare hour or so thus weekend, have a listen to the first episode of NPR’s new Invisibilia podcast. 1,049 more words