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Travel Thursday: Aberdare National Park, Kenya

During the trip as a tour leader, I crossed out 3 things off my bucket list. One of them was visiting Aberdare. I have always wanted to go, mainly because every member of my family has been and I have heard stories of how beautiful it is. 1,116 more words


The Reunion Party

In which The Author declines an invitation

A couple of weeks ago Gareth L. mentioned a rumour he’d heard. Apparently some of the old gang in Aberdare are talking about organizing a Carpenters Arms reunion. 3,068 more words


Baboons Sexually harass local women

You probably haven’t read the news but in a small community in Kenya, women have been feeling threatened by baboons and monkeys from the¬†Aberdare National Park… 158 more words

An Unexpected Party

In which The Author takes the piss

In a hole in the Shire there lived a Piss-artist.

Now you may not know very much about Piss-artists, but believe me, boys and girls, when I tell you that they play a very important part in this story. 913 more words


Moon Shadow

In which The Author digs out an old book

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Facebook pals shared a link about an eclipse in the UK this month. 1,252 more words



In which The Author is between engagements

For the last couple of years, my ‘occupation’ has been listed on Facebook as ‘Resting between engagements’. It’s a throwback to a nice expression which actors used to use (and possibly still do) to describe those frequent periods when they’d be out of work. 276 more words


The Secret Drinking Club

In which The Author goes underground

I’m still working on a long blog entry based on the old pubs of the Cynon Valley (the top half, anyway), which will probably appear in the fullness of time. 671 more words