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Lost Streets: Trecynon, Gadlys and Robertstown

Here’s an incomplete list of streets, rows, courts and other sites in Trecynon, Gadlys and Robertstown which we haven’t been able to locate ‘on the ground’. 224 more words


Local Boy in the Photograph

In which The Author remembers a great fellow

The shiny metal weathercock at the top of St Elvan’s Church in Aberdare perches roughly 180 feet above the ground. 4,484 more words



In which The Author makes a new friend

The publication of yesterday’s entry was followed in short order by a message telling me that it that was my… 2,162 more words


A New Approach

In which The Author tries something different

While I was chatting to Geoff and Haydn on Wednesday afternoon, I felt rather guilty. There was I, a mere dilettante with vague memories of the Cynon Valley Profile, in conversation with two stalwarts of the Cynon Valley History Society. 2,137 more words


Wednesday is the New Thursday

In which The Author should have stayed at home

This morning, under the influence of Mirtazapine and codeine, I woke up about 6 a.m. I had a piss and – for a brief moment – wondered what to do with the rest of the morning. 1,537 more words


Thank You For Your Support

In which The Author pays some more money in

How’s this for a bizarre coincidence (again)?

I’d only just posted my latest fund-raising brainwave in… 662 more words


House Music

In which The Author devises a new game

On Saturday night, in the Lighthouse, I was talking to Tony A. when the singer arrived, with her boyfriend/roadie/minder in tow. 1,269 more words