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Embreeville Asylum, PA

Today was my first time exploring an abandoned site. I know, I know, by the age of eighteen I should have already done this tons of times; but better late than never, right? 279 more words


Industrial and Commercial Decay

Recently I’ve speculated about the proportion of commercial property neglect to that of residential and farm abandonment. 3 to 1 perhaps? Guess it depends on where you are. 399 more words

Fine Art

Dream #20


I was in vacation in Denmark or somewhere and someone recommend that I visit this building that was abandoned. The building was part on this land that didn’t belong to any city. 667 more words


One Stop

Somewhere  in eastern Colorado.


Week 15: Architecture

Thinking of this week’s assignment gets me thinking of all of the photographs that I’ve lost.  Yes, you heard me, lost.  Tragic.  I’m the one who boasts about never losing or breaking anything, and I mean really, like never — I try really hard, and I’m freakishly organized!   472 more words

52 Week Challenge


The building where I work is closing down. It’s being cleared out floor by floor, leaving little behind. An empty box here, an abandoned wardrobe of clothing there. 138 more words

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Capehart Mill

When I was a teenager I learned about urban exploration. It drew me immediately and all I wanted was to walk through places long forgotten and imagine what it was like before abandonment, or walk into a place still not ready to be inhabited and imagine what would happen within its walls. 1,403 more words