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The last few weeks, I’ve been feeling like the respite I get is in ever shorter, ever more fleeting chunks.  An hour here or there.  Sometimes 15 minutes. 314 more words

American Bar Association: Magna Carta - Symbol of Freedom Under Law

I co-produced and edited this piece about the American Bar Association and Magna Carta. I also shot the interview with Gene Vance.

Voices for Victims: Lawyers Against Human Trafficking

Winner of a 2013 Bronze Telly Award in Online Video. A video produced by the American Bar Association motivating lawyers to fight human trafficking. I edited the piece under the direction of a supervisor. 17 more words

Law school costs no longer worth it for most students

By: Daniel Burns

Law schools and the degrees they offer are increasingly financially unattainable for prospective students. Not only has tuition risen exponentially, but the actual return on investment has drastically devalued due to an oversaturation in a shrinking job market. 525 more words


Lights in the Mirror 

By Christopher Rupley

Garish cyclical sirens soaring

send shivers down my spine –

hardly ever boring

(This is an enclosed tercet, and the structure is ABA).


Differential Reinforcement

Working with a student one-to-one is the most valuable time you can have in Special Education. Sometimes these one-to-one opportunities are as long as two-hour home sessions or as brief as half-hour push-in services. 587 more words


ABCs of Behavioral Problems: Keeping Cool in a Crisis: being prepared for behaviors

Crisis Intervention Training
Behavioral crises involving people with autism are a common concern of professionals and parents. Parents don’t talk about them as much because of stigmas, but professionals rarely hold back. 782 more words