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Insurance... Urggg

So I have successfully talked to 4 different people at Autism Speaks about Insurance today. Specifically, covering ABA treatment for my son. I NEED SOME WINE IN MY LIFE!! 23 more words

Work Task Wednesday

Work Task Reflection:

I love it when our kids surprise us. Must of all, I love how this Montessori inspired activity has the same outcome and success for ALL learners. 359 more words


What's In It For Me?

A month or so ago, I posted about independence (missed it? check it out here) and I mentioned the notion of differentiating the outcomes based on the level of support needed. 943 more words


How I Became Brendan's Ride or Die

I’ve been asked so many times how I became a foster parent, so it’s about time I finally write it down. I never grew up planning to be a foster parent, I never even thought about it until the day I got asked by Brendan’s case worker if I would consider taking Brendan into my home. 1,499 more words


Work Task Wednesday: Positional Color Matching 

Got a pizza box? Got shapes? Got colored paper? You’re ready!

Before we begin, here’s a quick back history…

Last week, the teacher hoarder in me retrieved 7 lovely pizza boxes that were headed into my school’s recycling bin. 413 more words


Train The Dog!

Here’s the main point that we often dance around- it’s about training the dog. Yes the dog needs to feel safe, and we often need to counter condition to triggers before we can get down to business, and that business is teaching the dog what they’re suppose to do. 379 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Toilet Training Severe Autism

No matter what happens from here on with Brendan, one thing I can always be proud of, and one thing I can always know I gave him, was the ability to use the toilet. 1,154 more words