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Illinois peeps, check out - Study Finds Older Workers Often Missing From Rising Job Rate

An AARP group surveyed 2,492 people ages 45 to 70 who had been unemployed and found about half had managed to find work.. via NYT Your Money http://ift.tt/1Niradb


Nearly Half Of All U.S. Drivers Are Over 50: Is That Good News Or Bad?

If you like statistics and factoids, you’re going to love the ones that the U.S. Department of Transportation has uncovered regarding American drivers. They’re being used as part of something called Beyond Traffic (PDF) — a strategic plan that makes projections about transportation in the year 2045 and discusses ways to nip anticipated problems in the bud. 451 more words

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I know something you don’t know

I don’t intend to anger anyone, but you may recognize yourself in this post. When it comes to technology, my fellow baby boomers need to quit hiding behind this femme fatale “ It’s too hard for me” mentality – and millennials should quit yucking it up over “my parents are so dumb” jokes and lend a hand instead. 485 more words


The (Early Bird Special) Breakfast Club

A friend posted this morning that today is the 31st anniversary of The Breakfast Club. Thirty Wonderful angsty, feisty, rebellious, edging toward conformity, living within society, looking toward retirement years. 337 more words

Talking to Senior Loved Ones About Scams

During his last visit, Jeff noticed a pile of sweepstakes notices on Dad’s desk, along with many sketchy-looking charity pitch mailings. Dad talked vaguely about an exciting investment that a new friend had clued him in on. 838 more words