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Bringing the Burn in Dark Souls

Last time, on Dealing Death in Dark Souls, I totally took on four ancient evils sealed away for years out of fear for their powers at once, and won without breaking a sweat.  2,609 more words

Video Games

Until the End

Turn Fifty-Three

Yesterday, Lanka finished his offensive against two nations, today he begins against more. He’s deploying Dakini thugs, each one identical. Two have met me and my scouts noticed one attacking Machaka. 1,685 more words


AAR: From the Marines to an MBA/MPP at Stanford and Harvard

After coming to the conclusion that I wanted to transition off of active duty and go to graduate school, I did some preliminary research on resources for veterans’ transition and stumbled onto Service to School’s page. 381 more words


No Brakes

Turn Fifty

Everything went as planned. I should be ready to move my new reinforcing army out of my capital next turn, and I’ve got a good gold income finally. 652 more words


To Glorious Slaughter!

Turn Forty-six

To battle!

On my side: The greatest force ever amassed under the mountain. On his: A blob of demons with a snek in the middle. 1,404 more words


Trial run with Sam Mustafa's "Blücher" - Ligny and Quatre Bras

Over the last couple of gaming nights we’ve given Sam Mustafa’s new ruleset, Blücher, a run. I fancy it for the larger battles as it would allow us to manage something as large as Bautzen on a single table.   1,308 more words


Hard Times

I am beset on all sides. My defeat seems inevitable.

Turn Thirty-nine

Berytos is indeed arrayed against me. Perhaps he hopes to take my capital before Yomi does; I suppose he thinks his vampires make him well-defended despite ongoing wars with neighbors. 1,093 more words