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From the diary of Rikku Yufina Kyius: Iron Gods Session 2

Two players couldn’t make this session so I allowed them to recruit some NPC help.  Val was obvious one.  I decided to play her like… 1,570 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

From the diary of Rikku Yufina Kyius: Iron Gods Session 01

I normally have six players in my game and my daughter, who is 12, writes the game logs (*proud Dad*).  I find them entertaining to read especially reading the various assumptions – usually wrong – the players have made during the game.   2,082 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Dark Souls and Dragons

Last time, in Escape from Anor Londo, our sins finally caught up to us. What sins, I don’t know, because all those guys totally deserved it, and I’m sure there’s a statute of limitations on these things, but still, we had to do some hard time in the big house. 4,253 more words

Video Games

Expansion: Year 1

Most nations use elites for expansion – a decent size party of good troops that can take out independent provinces with few losses.  Xibalba does the opposite – the closest things to elites are the rather fragile 17 gold sacreds, and the clumsy and limited recruitment 15 gold scorpions, neither of which are good at lossless expansion.   1,019 more words


Hunting with Where are your Keys?

I had an interesting (new) wayk experience over the weekend, and thought I would share it with you this week. Most of the time that I’m using WAYK it’s to try and communicate pieces of language to someone else. 438 more words


Building an AAR Library in Android Studio

Purpose of AAR

Library reuse has long been available in Java based applications through Java Archive (.jar) files.  Android AAR files build upon this concept but allow you to package a complete Android project in your library. 348 more words

Android SDK

Kampfgruppe Peiper AAR

Today my wife and I played a modified version of scenario from the Battlegroup dispatches, called Stoumont. We played on a 2.5 ft x 8 ft area… A narrow road flanked by dense woods on both sides. 82 more words