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The Blood Dragon - a Crusader Kings 2 AAR In the Warhammer Fantasy Setting

What you see here is Vampiric Bretonnia, ruled not without contest – but inarguably – by me, Walach Harkon.  Some people call me “the Just”, but it’s only a title.  1,578 more words


BPF30 Melee Near The Coast AAR - the superior mobility of the IJA

The time was 25 August 1937.  This was the second time the IJA attacked Shanghai.  The IJA Shanghai Expeditionary Forced landed troops around Liuhe (浏河), Wusong (吳淞) and Chuanshakou (川沙口) as a diversionary to draw GMT troops away from Shanghai.   645 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

The Despair of Dark Souls

Last time, on this thing, we killed a fat wad of fire and a gigantic gross-out bug, then gained the ability to walk on liquid rock.  2,787 more words

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The Rhine Falls in Neuhausen, Schaffhause, Switzerland

People marvel at the mighty waters of the Rhine Falls in Neuhausen, Schaffhause, Switzerland.


May 2015 After-Action Review

Here we are again, mid-month. That can mean only one thing — it’s time for another installment of What Happened Last Month in the Writerly Life of Self-Published Author #894752487652378465? 307 more words


Double Dipping in Dark Souls

Last time, on Losing It in Dark Souls, we managed not to make the crass joke that was begging to be told.  Seriously, that took some willpower.  3,321 more words

Video Games

Helping UAVs Make History

Since the Wright Brothers made their first successful attempt to get people into the sky in 1903, the aerospace industry has been on a nonstop flight toward the future of technology. 248 more words