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Struggle and Sorrow

Turn Thirty-Three

Yomi’s army moved to Swamp of the Caul, as expected. I didn’t catch it. He also moved another army, made mostly of chaff, from the Mountains of Judgement down to Runneg, obviously to reinforce the army at Swamp of the Caul in the hopes that he’ll make something too big for my mage superiority to chew through, but it’s also bringing some mages of its own, scripted for evocations and buffs. 2,026 more words


What is the shape of a glacier?

Glaciers come in many shapes and size, but let’s focus on mountain/valley glaciers.  Mountain glacier lengths can vary from 1 kilometer to 100s of kilometers and their thickness can be 50 m to 1000 m.  148 more words


DSLB and Impetus evening

Drums and Shakos Large Battles – Dual Objective

Another day, we had a game of DSLB to try out fist scenario Dual Objective from ‘ 959 more words


Digging Deep in Dark Souls

Last Time on Deftly Dominating Dark Souls, we drained a drowning pool. It wasn’t pleasant.

What do you say we finish up and get out of here as soon as possible? 3,016 more words

Video Games

AAR - Syracuse vs. Carthage

Syracuse and Carthage were old and bitter enemies that fought over the control of Sicily which was divided in half. Western half was controlled by Carthage and wars between Syracuse and her allies were frequent. 813 more words



Abysia is at war with Machaka and I am still fighting a hard and bloody war against Yomi. My scouting is a bit atrophied because I’m in an economic situation so dire that the 45 gold for a scout makes a difference. 3,758 more words