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Tell me about self-help and support groups

Let me clear up some confusion.  The medical community doesn’t use terms like “self-help group” “support group” or even “peer group”.  They call it Mutual Aid Support. 759 more words


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Medallion Night

Last night was a wonderful evening for me, I was able to receive my 3 year Sobriety medallion. I was so surprised because it was presented to me by complete surprise. 400 more words

Alcohol Induced Split Personality

Monday, bloody Monday. That’s what I used to think when the alarm clock on the bedside table would start its endless tirade of noise. I can’t remember a time when I woke up feeling refreshed after the weekend was over. 589 more words

One of Those Doors is Me

So the following is the beginning of the memoir I am writing. I am not sure what the end result will be, but what I do know is putting this on paper has been incredibly cathartic. 3,679 more words


Building Blocks of Success

“A person who makes no mistakes usually does not make anything.” – Alcoholism, the Family Disease

Getting upset about mistakes just fuels my self-pity. Instead, I recognize that mistakes are the building blocks for my success. 74 more words


Addiction - The Family Secret

I really wanted to write about this subject today after giving it much thought. I hope I can be succinct and cohesive, but I am also asking for feedback if you would. 878 more words


Don't Hope... Have

At the end of all of my messages I write… ‘Have a great day!’

I don’t write… ‘I hope you have a great day’, because that would insinuate that your great day is outside of your control & I don’t believe that. 58 more words