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Lightning strikes at the perfect moment during a System of a Down concert

It’s almost like they programmed the weather to sync with the music.


I don’t know if this is a poem, but I’m lying here shaking and I hope you can forgive me for all the unfinisheds.
I hope you can forgive me for the silence and the broken promises and the assurances. 24 more words


felt a eye close

stare in the dark

and  how it was the mask and its

own knowledge

and feeling  thy light

and its own sight

and what it placed… 47 more words


had it done like a bird

saw it felt

and where it was represented

and  how it ran onward

and nothing was spoke

and then it was the touch of the  falcon… 54 more words


having a story

book of life

and making of the time

and how it was heard

and  furthest

and how it was the station

and it was heard… 46 more words


cast a high

where it makes

and whatever it takes

and those of the things

and  its own taken

and how it heard

and when it was the casual… 47 more words


some of a bit

i guess if its a bit

then its better than nothing

how it was sliced and how it was


and where is the charm… 45 more words