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A Voice for Men tries to jump-start ticket sales for its convention by promising greater punctuality, longer lunch breaks

So Susan Morris, the Conference Manager for A Voice for Men’s allegedly upcoming “Men’s Issues” conference this year. has posted a rather puzzling statement… 896 more words


Vox Day Defends Men's Rights Activists and Proclaims Himself a 'Leader of #GamerGate'

Vox Day wrote a new post about a grave injustice that occurred at the Calgary Arts and Entertainment Expo (“CalEx”) this weekend. It seems that members of the “Honey Badger Brigade” — a men’s rights group with ties to A Voice for Men — had initially set up a booth at the convention, … 1,359 more words


Men's Rights Activist Wants to Talk to You About His Turn-Ons

Sage Gerard, the head of KSU Men and contributor to the men’s rights website A Voice for Men, has been accused of being a sexist creeper on more than one occasion. 916 more words


"Celebrate" Equal Pay Day with this busted Men's Rights meme!

Today is Equal Pay Day, a well-intentioned if imperfect faux holiday based on the notion that women have to work roughly a year and three-and-a-half months in order to make as much money as men make in a year. 357 more words


Change Please

Change Please

Iv’e made up the numbers all of my life

trying to hide my internal strife

get up every day because i just wont give in… 482 more words

Men's Rightsers discover the true villain behind the police killing of Walter Scott: His ex-wife

Over on men’s rights hate site A Voice for Men, Attila Vinczer has found the true villain in the case of Walter Scott, the black man shot in the back after he ran from a white cop: Don’t blame the cop for shooting and killing a man who was no danger to him whatsoever; … 195 more words


A Voice for Men Strikes Back (Sort Of)

A writer at A Voice for Men is unhappy about what I wrote about him, and it’s…rather underwhelming. Andrew DiKaiomata, who says “all feminists” are “hateful bigots” — well, he says “all” in a couple portions of the article but switches it up with “the vast majority” out of sheer inconsistency — thinks I made some incorrect statements about his writing. 1,057 more words