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The Media Discover Men's Rights Activism

The media seem to have discovered men’s rights activism (MRA) recently. It’s been around for decades, but the anonymity of the Internet has opened new doors. 782 more words

Tweet of the Day - Dean Esmay

Just a hilarious rape joke from self-appointed “men’s human rights activist” Dean Esmay.


Toronto police investigating PUA who posted video saying a woman should be "stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces"

Well, this is pretty freaking disturbing. Metronews.ca reports that

Toronto police are looking closely at video of a Toronto pick-up artist who filmed himself muttering about stabbing a girl who turned him down.

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Men's Rights

Reminder: Doing nothing, loudly, is the OFFICIAL goal of the "Men's Human Rights Movement"

So I found the “meme” below on the A Voice for Men Facebook page. It purports to show what the Men’s Rights movement is… 460 more words


Why True Christians Cannot Support Neither Feminism Nor The Men's Human Rights Movement With a Clear Conscience

MHRM = The Mirror Image of Feminism


The MHRM is increasingly becoming a mirror image of feminism by resembling the second and third waves of feminism as their leaders follow the same path as feminists. 916 more words


Misogynist Posters Target Rape Survivor Emma Sulkowicz on Graduation Day

You may remember Emma Sulkowicz as the Columbia University student and rape survivor who protested her university’s handling of her sexual assault case by carrying her mattress with her around campus… 771 more words


Paul Elam Warns of a Feminist Zombie Apocalypse

A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam has an urgent message for us: innocent men and boys are under assault by ravenous “Gynocentric Zombies”! Yes, in an allegedly humorous article by Elam and fellow AVfMer Tom Golden — yes, it took not one but  753 more words