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Book Stuff, Lent, and the Laziest Cat Ever

Howdy everyone.  Just wanted to pop in and give y’all an update on the novel that’s been dragging its feet and trying to take forever to finish.  460 more words

A Slice Of Life

Friday - Thatha aur raddi ki keemat

My living room was in danger of being buried under an avalanche of newspapers. I had been wanting to dispose of it since long, but watchman  896 more words


Diego and Maria, two frightened children from the south.

A Story of Compassion

We had been married a couple of years. My father-in-law, Alfred, was an exporter to South and Central America. He was usually on the road for six to eight months a year. 556 more words

A Slice Of Life

An Observation

Today, I watched the Oscars with my mother and her pack of friends, all over the age of thirty. The experience was interesting, not because I disliked any of them or felt uncomfortable, but because I was thinking of my own group of girls and how we would interact – … 528 more words

A Slice Of Life

Whenever I get annoyed by my wife I remember...

My wife annoys me when she says I cannot drink soda,

It has sugar, aerated water and is not good for you.

My wife is annoying when she condemns sandwiches with meat, 130 more words

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Taking the Leap

Most people my age know what the word ‘friendzone’ means. More than half of those same people also know how it feels.

My best friend came to me today with the words, “Carly, I think I really like him.” That realization is one I like to call the “oh damn I am in deep trouble” epiphany. 532 more words

A Slice Of Life

Coincidences at Blogging

Sometimes there is a coincidence waiting to happen,

It is like that melody in your brain that makes your fingers tapping,

But it is hidden and yet in plain view, others see it but not me, 246 more words