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Ek Sunday waali feeling

This past Sunday on my way to the library: an intermittent drizzle, roads bordered with flowers and leaves fluttering down from rain swept trees, the usual traffic bustle and the sudden delight of a vintage Fiat Premier Padmini gliding past you. 264 more words


Adrift, Afloat, At Peace

A Day off. AHHHH. After working 6 days in a row, after staring blankly at a screen stuck inside on a beautiful sunny day, I got off the bus yesterday and walked to a dinner party where Crossroads man was BBQing at a Buddhist New Year’s party. 15 more words

A Slice Of Life

I: Ice Boxes

Welcome to the A to Z blog challenge! Bread and Butter Days shares tidbits from the past. Follow us for posts to go directly to your inbox. 180 more words

Trisha Faye


“Things will get messy at times and that’s okay,” articles on parenting always say. But when things don’t go according to plan, the second part of that statement sometimes gets thrown out of the window. 166 more words

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Pols O'lightenup

Ok, in the interest of me loosening up a bit and not being so cerebral, I last night forced myself to watch 3 programs in a row on SEX. 761 more words

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2015 to-do list

To do list for the rest of 2015:

* March: watch husband turn 40.

* April: trade husband in for a younger model.

* April: get nose reconstructed (but make it sound a lot more glamorous on Facebook). 177 more words

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Liebster Award Nomination

I am dreadful at updates. ┬áPlease excuse my lapse and enjoy this little questionaire that Awkward Mismatch asked me to do! (Go check her out! Her blog is top-notch!) Now, without further adieu… 710 more words

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