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Freedom Not Licence

His is an intellectual approach, while mine is an emotional one. Thus he cannot grasp the difference between freedom and licence, because he is presumably occupied with philosophical ideas of both.

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A.S. Neill

Swearing: Fornication! Excrement! Micturation!

Swear words are vulgar words because they belong to the language of the common people. A professor says anus, but a navvy says arse. Maybe we should teach our kids to swear politely and shout out Fornication!

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A.S. Neill

To Find Happiness

If the emotions are free the intellect will look after itself
A.S. Neill

Before John Holt and the Unschooling movement, Alexander Sutherland Neill (17 October 1883 – 23 September 1973), known as A. 302 more words


Reflections of a playworker in Tottenham

Last week saw a trip out across the far reaches of the other side of the city of London (that is, a trip up the Victoria line, and then a fair hike up Tottenham High Road!) to pay a visit to Somerford Grove Adventure Playground. 1,218 more words


Leah Hager Cohen - No Book But The World

Looking on at life, rather than wrestling with it

Neels Robbins and his wife June, twenty years younger, are both like relicts of the sixties: teachers, suffused with the ideals of… 898 more words

Book Review

Oh, shut up!

In a good home- one in which there is no fear- a child of four will not be harmed by being asked to keep quiet.

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He Cannot Rule Children

The master only compels, the father by honesty and gentleness accustoms his son to do well of his own mind rather than by fear of another: and that he should be all one in his presence and behindhis back.

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A.S. Neill