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Rock Bottom

I’ve heard you can’t overcome issues until you’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve hit rock bottom a couple of times. But this past week, it has to be my rock bottom…doesn’t it? 395 more words


Five Reasons to Simplify Your Business, and Your Life

“A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello Darlings, Hope your week, and weekend were and are amazing and that you are starting this MONTH 5 of the Year with eagerness, and power.

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A Little Bit Of Everything

Are You Choosing to Be Effortlessly Happy or Consistently Miserable?

“Happiness is Not Something Ready Made; It comes from your own Actions” Dalai Lama

Hello beautiful blogging family!

This past Monday I shared on my website my FREE weekly Video, that I thought to share also with you all, since it is all about HAPPINESS :)

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A Little Bit Of Everything

So yes it’s time to listen to what I tell other people

One thing that’s very easy to do is to give people advice, to tell them that maybe the need to slow down a bit and take things easy for a while. 616 more words


So far so good!

Shopping, talking and eating. I’d say that’s a great day!


Goodmorning friends!

Early morning today! Me and Rocki got up with Philip and went for walk when he went off to work :)
Now I’ve gotten some coffee in my system and I will very shortly be getting ready since me and my mom are going to “Väla” which is our big shopping-mall! 117 more words


Baptism day!

Today it was time for Philips cousin, Sakarias, to be baptised in a nearby town. So we were picked up by Philps mum and sister at 12.30 and like twenty minutes later we sat in the little tiny church, awaiting the guest of honor to arrive :) 69 more words