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The Laying Down to Breakthrough

There once was a man. An ordinary man, who dreamt of things all men dream of: success, stability, a legacy. He did all the things men are supposed to do to achieve those dreams, he followed his father’s guidance, he played by the rules, he showed up every day. 1,101 more words

A Life Moment

Lost with a Map

We’d been there for several days already but I hadn’t yet driven by myself. Until now. I had stayed behind with my youngest so he could nap. 689 more words

A Life Moment

A Renewed Dream

The dust still lingers in my nose. It was a beautiful May day, the sun warming the air with every ray, stretching out across the land with a reach of glory. 402 more words

A Life Moment

Breaking Free {A Videoblog and a Give-away}

The plane landed and what had been all in black and white ink suddenly became skin to hug and a voice to hear. An answer to many years of prayer. 85 more words

A Life Moment

The Power of Presence {Stronghold Part 2}

I am not one to engage in hot-topic discussions. Those particular conversations tend to send me to the other room in pure un-comfortableness. But this one… this is one I think we need to talk about. 740 more words


Hello Gorgeous! {A Videoblog and a Giveaway!}

This past weekend was so fun I had to share it with you, not in writing but face to face! Ahh! So hello world, welcome to my kitchen! 193 more words


What's Love Got to Do with It?

What is it about love that makes a bride blush with overwhelming beauty? I remember my wedding day, and the moments getting ready. I’d worn white before, I’d even wore tule before. 530 more words