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Family | Microblog

“There is something so foreign about family, like an ill fitting suit. I never connected to the concept”

– Will Graham (@NBCHannibal)

I can relate.


Mad Max | Microblog

I just got back from the cinema having watched the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

I kinda need it to sink in before i’m able to articulate what i thought, though i can say now that it didn’t feel like a two hour movie. 10 more words


In The Lowest Moments | Microblog

Eric Clapton: Chapter 11 – Hazelden: Picking up the Pieces.

“On the flight over i drank the plane dry, so terrified was i that i might never be able to drink again. 43 more words


Does My Bum Look Big In This? | Microblog

Ah, that unanswerable question.

When i’m asked, i just put this on and walk away.


Spirit Animal | Microblog

I took an online test, and yes before you all harp on about the validity of online tests i know, they prove nothing except to bolster our egos and tells us shit we kinda already knew but just needed a “ 81 more words


What's All The Fuss About? | Microblog

I watched season one when it aired and to be honest i wasn’t that impressed, and actually quite sick of zombies. They seem to have permeated into every facet of popular culture lately. 90 more words


All Our Yesterdays | Blog

I haven’t written anything about my current writing project for ages, so i figured i’d do something as today was a good day.

But lets start with yesterday shall we? 367 more words