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Trust and the combinations.

It’s not every time you get to trust somebody. It’s not every time you rely on a person completely. It’s not every time the person who you really respect backs out and leaves you sinking down there alone. 317 more words

A Fresh Start.

The final straw that broke this person's back

He said- ‘come on, let’s just go back to how we were’,come sit on my lap (which is ‘our’ thing) and he smiled and he seemed concerned and worried about us. 1,242 more words

A fresh start.

When asked to create a blog for my Journalism course at University, I was at first overwhelmed by the enormous range of topics to choose from. 158 more words


Bag Of Fresh Spinach Includes Free Dead Mouse

A fresh salad and some lean protein make a fine dinner, but a couple in Georgia are kind of freaked out at the freebie that came in their bag of pre-washed spinach. 299 more words


A Fresh Start - A short story

A Fresh Start

I open my eyes and sit up in bed as I hear the sound. The banging has startled me awake and for a split second I don’t know where I am. 3,564 more words

A Fresh Start

A New Start

Yes, it is finally happening. Or actually, it has happened. I uploaded my very first YouTube video on Saturday! Here it is:

Have you just actually watched it? 163 more words