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Quote of the day

Today’s quote is…

“Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?” (Anthony Burgess)­–A Clockwork Orange… 94 more words


Real Horrorshow

I’m alive! I have not run away from my responsibilities and scampered off into the wilderness to live in a tree, despite some serious consideration. But I’m back, I’m home, and the cabin fever strikes again. 107 more words


Top 5 Inspirational Works for The Pixie's Paramour

I’m playing around with different themes and I like this one, however it doesn’t seem to have an option for displaying feature images within the post. 645 more words


Quote of the day

Today’s quote is…

“A man who cannot choose ceases to be a man” (Anthony Burgess)-A Clockwork Orange

In context, the quote is referring to (spoilers) the state’s attempts to reform our young delinquent Alex, who the novel follows. 17 more words


100 Greatest Novels: A Clockwork Orange

Number sixty-five of the 100 greatest novels has been my favorite book since high school. Recommended to me by the school librarian, I couldn’t even start to guess how many times I’ve read it since then. 877 more words


A Clockwork Orange.

I just finished reading A Clockwork Orange. And wow.

Firstly, i’ll say that it’s a great read. It’s not too long or too short and it tells you what it wants to tell you efficiently and without unnecessary waffle. 301 more words


Ask Alex a Relationship Question

Meet Alex.

He likes music, Beethoven, to be particularly; milk plus; and a little of the old ultra-violence every now and then. He’s the main character of Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel… 40 more words