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Pronoia, by Fredrik Eklund

“I’m going to teach you a word: pronoia. It’s the opposite of paranoia.

Paranoia is when you think the world is against you in some shape or form. 376 more words

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Energy Cleansing and Psychic Protection

What is an aura?

Your aura is the “sphere” of energy around you. Psychics that are experts in aura can read them, tell you what colors they are and what that means about you. 769 more words

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Having Faith is an Easy Concept

Having faith….

It really is the most simple concept in this world.

Some people find it to be the most comforting concept in the world, and yet some people find it impossibly hard and frustrating. 364 more words

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Am I Too Sensitive?

I know this is a sensitive subject (pun intended), but I’ve been hearing a lot lately from friends, family, clients… “I know I shouldn’t be so sensitive”, or “Never mind I’ll be fine”, “I need to toughen up.” 297 more words

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Ladies, say something nice.

There’s an odd competitive streak in women, have you ever noticed this? Maybe it’s some sort of left-over primal tick, because it seems to pop up right around the time we get interested in boys. 620 more words

Six Ways to a Better Sleep

These days we have more distractions than ever in history.

Find it hard to unwind at night and get a good nights sleep?

Sleep is  574 more words

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Sunday Seems Like As Good A Day As Any...

I have always wanted an outlet to just put my thoughts out there. Good, bad, indifferent? A purging of my soul maybe? Sharing some of me and my life experiences?  347 more words