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14 Things to Do After a Break-Up

Do not think of a breakup as a bitter end; think of it as a new beginning! Use your new free time to reinvent yourself, and do some personal spring cleaning before you enter the dating pool again. 501 more words

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New Month, New You!

Is anyone else shocked that it’s July already?

I know I am!

It feels like this year has gone by in a week! As I get older the days, months, and years are definitely going faster. 284 more words

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Steps to Stop the Worrying

1. Worried About Romance? Actively Seek a Healthy Relationship.

Be proactive about being in a positive relationship.If you are unhappy with your partner, speak up so you can either resolve your disagreements or break up. 868 more words

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Disclose, Disclose, Disclose?

In showing a residential property last week, I spoke to the owner as I was asking for the Sellers Disclosure.   The Owner provided a copy and as I was reading the… 258 more words


Recognizing Signs and Symbols

Sometimes in a reading, a psychic will say, “You will receive a sign.” This means the sign will show you or prove to you that the answers to your question are valid. 457 more words

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25 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Soul

We as a society are good at taking care of our bodies and minds with exercise and schooling, but we often forget that our souls need attention too!  646 more words

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16 Steps to Feng Shui Your Happiness

Feng shui is not just a cool thing to say when someone asks about your decorating. The power and energy of feng shui really can effect the way we feel. 445 more words

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