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Microsoft Is Releasing A Redesigned Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has released details on a new redesigned controller.

The document outlines the features of a redesigned Xbox One controller and suggests that the new design is scheduled to be released in June, possibly at or after E3. 72 more words


Stuck in an RPG? 5 Ways to Beat an Unbeatable Boss

So your RPG journey is going to plan; not a thing in the land could stop your quest. There’s not many monsters who can match your team’s unbeatable power. 2,371 more words


Xbox buying Silent Hills?!

If the rumor is true then we still might get to play Silent Hills. The rumor comes by way of Rooster Teeth, according to their source Microsoft is in talks with Konami to buy the Silent Hills IP before E3, where they will announce that the game is coming and is an Xbox One exclusive. 110 more words


Stick 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Up

Halo. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare. Brink.  Gears of War. What do these games have in common?  The thrilling adrenaline rush of shooting something. Some people might ask, why do you want to shoot something? 323 more words


Tanya Is Ready For Action In Mortal Kombat X

The arrival of Tanya had been teased and now a release date has been announced.  182 more words


Mad Max Travels The Savage Road In Latest Trailer

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to refuel your car only to be attacked by a warlord and his goons?  Such is life in the post-apocalyptic world of… 190 more words