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DNS Tunneling with an ESP8266

There’s a big problem with the Internet of Things. Everything’s just fine if your Things are happy to sit around your living room all day, where the WiFi gets four bars. 200 more words

Wireless Hacks

Here’s How India Is Getting Serious About Wi-Fi

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make sure his country’s population can get fast Internet as soon as possible.

In fact, he’s pumping $18 billion into a campaign called “digital week,” which plans to do just that. 100 more words

A Day in the Life of...... :-)

A bit of a surprise in the veg garden today, I pulled a few Turnips up for some soup and this one weighed 520 grams. the rest were about half the size. 246 more words


state wi-fi rules

 AS announced by the  communication regulators, users of public WI-fi will have to register their gadgets when accessing WI-fi.if implemented as suggested ,users will be required to register using their ID and phone numbers with Kenya Network Information Center (Kenic) this new rules are aimed at fighting cyber crime  mostly done through anonymous hacking. 100 more words




My Name is Vikash and the sole Idea of creating this website, is to help people who are facing challenges with the technical issues in day to day life . 88 more words


Connecting to Wifi in Mac OS .......................!!

We will try to connect to the Wi-fi network preferably your Router/Hub………………!!

Step 1
On the top bar, at the right hand side, click the… 208 more words


Mobile Wi-Fi Power Tools

As a digital nomad I find myself trying to work among a plethora of WiFi arrangements and issues. One of the most common frustrations is the act of connecting/reconnecting to a network, and had I taken the time a year ago to develop the following scripts, I would have more than made up for the spent time. 424 more words