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Okay, this time I have an excuse for the dearth of blog activity – I’ve been on holiday in rural Italy where good WiFi was hard to find.  289 more words

Accessing IIS Web Server from local WI-FI Intranet

Often during development you may require to access your local IIS server from other devices such as a mobile phone or a tablet.

Since IIS server is installed on your local pc/laptop you cannot access the server directly. 310 more words


gr-ieee802.11 on USRP X310

1. The weird problem that the GUI jump out and then close immediately:

Do not use pybomb to set up gnuradio, you can use the build gnuradio script from… 133 more words

Intern Notes

Help! I lost my wifi!

Wedged deeply within the heart of most teenage girls is a disease called FOMO, or, as one might put it, the fear of missing out. To prevent living with this, we connect ourselves to dozens of gadgets – cell phones, laptops, iPads – all of which are connected to – yes, you named it – WiFi. 448 more words


BT Powerline Adaptors

I won’t go into the details, but I bought a video game gadget that doesn’t work very well with wi-fi, and really needs an ethernet cable hookup to work at its best. 551 more words


The truth about your coffee shop...

The truth about your coffee shop is… it’s shit.

Wifi makes your bland coffee taste better.

Wifi makes your overpriced dry sandwiches better.

Wifi makes the assholes opposite me talking loudly about their shit jobs better. 49 more words