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The Door Was Locked

I heard the voices through the din
But I was out the noise was in
They laughed and talked 56 more words


Silence is golden until it’s not.

Silence can harm.

Silence can violate.

Silence can shame.

Brave voices are needed to break through silences that destroy others. 34 more words


Student protest in Lansing, Mich. leads to one arrest

A protest in Lansing, Mich lead to one man being arrested for obstructing justice and one woman being reported for child endangerment.

While over 100 students were marching back from the capital after a protest, an African-American woman named Brittany Williamson was walking with her small child when she said that a police officer pushed her, causing her son to be slammed in a traffic cone. 432 more words


Nevada bill would allow students to carry guns on campus


Guns: Coming soon to a backpack near you?

Right now, law-makers in Nevada are considering “campus carry” bills. These bills would allow any licensed 21-year-old or older to bring a concealed weapon onto campus. 671 more words


A Fish Is the Last to Discover Water: Impressions From the Ellen Pao Trial

On Tuesday, my fiancé and I took our daughters out of school, canceled my meetings for the day, and, for the first time, walked into the San Francisco Superior Court. 1,213 more words


Job prospects improve for 2015 graduates

Soon-to-be college graduates have spent countless hours studying, putting time in extracurricular activities, internships and networking along the way.

Come May, that hard work should pay off —experts predict a hiring increase of 2015 college grads. 600 more words


Is Bob Iger Playing It Safe by Keeping Disney in the Fairy-Tale Space?

Neuroscientists report that the brains of some lucky people can produce higher levels of a feel-good molecule called anandamide. The upshot: a blissed-out state for those who inherit this delicious genetic mutation. 536 more words