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Update #4


As all of you know, I will be going to the Dominican Republic and serving the under-served population of the Sabana. I provided a 30 minute video (shown below) about the types of people my team will be helping out and what kinds of situations we will see. 311 more words

Quick Update

Yeah so that pretty much explains why there haven’t been any post lately on my blog. These fucking allergies are killing me. I glad for the warm weather but damn the pollen to hell. 166 more words


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy early Memorial Day to everyone. Summer semester has started, and I’m already ready for it to end. Don’t get me wrong, I like my classes. 509 more words


Libraries are Awesome

Libraries are awesome! I don’t care what others say. To me they are awesome! :-)


Eat a Cookie

Live in the moment and eat a cookie.


Sorry for the Unexpected Lack of Content for the Past Two Days!

I was pretty busy with a family get together all day Saturday, and, on Friday, I just wasn’t up to making any posts that day. Tomorrow, I won’t be posting any uploads, but I need the time to work more on the adventure map and to refine some of my stuff. 77 more words