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Silverlight no longer works in Chrome 42

In Google’s continuing effort to annoy me, starting with Chrome version 42, the Silverlight plugin no longer works. This is due to Google no longer supporting NPAPI plugins ( 67 more words


Юзаем аккаунт от Dropbox для хостинга своего Silverlight приложения

Допустим, что ты – новичок в разработке Silverlight приложения. После трудной борьбы с Silverlight пришло время, чтобы явить миру твое творение. Но, вдруг ты обломался – или у тебя нет денег на хостинг, или у тебя нету аккаунта веб-хостинга. 45 more words


Validate GUID format using SQL

In SQL Server, we have a in-built SQL function called “REPLICATE”. This SQL function is used to validate the number of time’s any specific character appears in a String or varchar. 142 more words


Instant frustration

Noticing the large number of desirable titles available to stream Instantly from the big A (Amazon, not Apple – keep up!), I thought I would test the service by viewing a trailer at home on my desktop (Firefox on CentOS 7). 117 more words


Having an issue with TRIRIGA workflows

Silvina Gilardoni: Maybe someone could help me. I don’t see workflows. I’ve installed: Adobe Flash Player 14, Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, Java 8 Update 25, Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514.0.

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Coded UI and Silverlight... simple

In fact it took me an appallingly long time for the penny to drop, but all the clues are in the generated code when you use the Test Builder. 185 more words