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Wonder if I did that, some odd years ago…what will be-wonder

-now? Would it be different, life altered mastery, or……wonder

not. so it is-With trepidation I make these conjectures…wonder… 26 more words


Factors Affecting Round Robin Scheduling

Q6. What are the factors that affect Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm?

Ans. Round Robin Scheduling is preemptive (at the end of time slice) therefore it is effective in time sharing environments in which the system needs to guarantee reasonable response times for interactive users. 50 more words

Preemptive Shortest Job First

Q6. Explain Preemptive Shortest Job First.

Ans. If a new process arrives with CPU burst length less than remaining time of current executing process, a preemptive SJF algorithm will preempt the currently executing process. 11 more words

Types of Scheduling

Q1. List the types of Scheduling.

Ans. Following are the types of scheduling:

  1. Non-preemptive/Co-operative Scheduling
  2. Preemptive/Non-co-operative Scheduling