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I honor the deep crimson hearts of blue.

If I could pick a color to represent today,
it would be the deepest ocean sapphire to the
farthest shade of greyish blue.

I honor the walk of souls who’ve died. 76 more words

Let My Voice Be Heard

Partner wanted, must clean........

Choosing a life partner should not be taken lightly. There are so many aspects to be considered not least being how well does your prospective partner wash a bike! 394 more words

Gay Marriage in Ireland Opens More Questions Than Answers

Ireland is now a country that has officially legalized gay marriage. With an astounding landslide win of 1,201,607 YES votes, the country has, apparently, become a vanguard of social change. 281 more words


Partner pictures from the field - inside edition

Ball Project is grateful for our partners that are hard at work helping children by helping children play.

Sometimes outdoor fields are hard to come by because of bad weather or lack of funds or space. 25 more words


The Right Kind of Relationships

By Kelsey Dawson 

“I have a crush on this person! What should I do?”

“Oh, just be yourself, they’ll like you for you!”

Makes sense, right? 728 more words

The Unusual Suspect

After watching the Rays defeat the Yankees on TV, I headed to bed, impatient to hit the rack so began undressing along the route to the bedroom. 193 more words

Moonlight House - 44. Happiness

The final chapter of “Moonlight House”, Happiness.

The second of the Moonlight House partners is tying the knot before family and friends, but there are a few surprises along the way for some of them.

44. Happiness