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तू भी कभी महसूस कर क्या है बिखरने
की तड़प ….
एक रोज़ बाज़ी यूँ सजे, शीशा तेरा पत्थर मेरा ..!!

# ना_तेरे_आने_की_खुशी ….


What and How To Pack For a Trip In Australia

If you are thinking of visiting the incredible country of Australia, here is a helpful and comprehensive list of items you will need and should have while backpacking though out this incredible nation. 431 more words


Valley of Fear Prologue


The Running

Northern Idaho, fifty-kilometers south of the Canadian border on I-95, he stepped out on the gravel of the shoulder. Hiking out of the forests, he knew he had his ancient Volvo somewhere in the area. 1,119 more words


24 Hour SAR Pack

This is my first attempt at video, be kind :)

I just wanted to share what I carry in my 24 Hour Search and rescue Pack during missions.   36 more words